Immerse yourself in some of the latest visualisation technologies on this journey from the ends of the universe to the recesses of our brains.

E-mmersive Experiential Environments is an immersive exhibition featuring virtual reality headsets and 3D 360-degree environments. Using this technology, you will be taken on a journey to the outer reaches of the known universe, and into the deep recesses of the human brain.



360 Wall Projection 

Step into a virtual forest built using the Unreal game engine and projection mapped onto the walls using real-time 3D rendering technology. In this environment, visitors will experience day and night transition, weather changes and interact with fishes along the central river. 

Hightlight_VR Game

Ancient Ruin Explorers – A Virtual Reality Experience 

Explore a virtual realm of the mesmerising cavern, waterfall and a mysterious ancient ruin. This is a multi-player co-op VR experience using Oculus headsets and the Virtuix Omni.