CRADLΣ offers a range of research and prototyping facilities for science and engineering student projects. For enquiries, please email See below to view the usage fees of selected equipment.

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Users will be trained on safety and basic operations of the facilities so that they can make use of the tools during Science Centre opening hours on weekdays. CRADLΣ facilities include:

Electronics Prototyping

Chemical Etch Tank and UV exposure unit for Printed Circuit Boards
Basic Electrical and Electronic Components

Mechanical Prototyping

Laser Cutter
3D Printer
Benchtop Mill and Lathe

Electronic Instrumentation

Signal Generator
Spectrum Analyzer
Lock-In Amplifier
Current and Voltage Preamplifiers
High Voltage Power Supply

Non-optical Microscope

Scanning Electron Microscope (with Energy Dispersive X-ray Detector) – Find out more here.
Atomic Force Microscope 


Usage Fees

The usage fees of commonly used equipment (including GST, where applicable): 


For Student Research Project

For Other Approved Purposes

Laser Cutter



Chargeable in multiples of 1-minute blocks

Scanning Electron Microscope



Chargeable in multiples of 15-minute blocks, but not less than 30 minutes

3D Printer

$3.00/half hour

$6.00/half hour

Per half-hour block