About the event

Tinker your way into a sustainable future!

Use your creativity and explore various ways of sustainable living and help to protect earth!


Tinkerfest theme - ARCADE


TinkerFest is a festival of creativity and innovation under the Tinkering Studio Singapore. Sponsored by 3M Gives and powered by Science Centre Singapore, this festival connects children, parents, educators and makers in a month-long celebration of the Joy of Learning – through play, exploration and experimentation.


Invent your game controller and design game contraptions using recyclable materials during our festival in June 2022!

Activity Name Description Location
Ring Toss Challenge your agility and strength by tossing your DIY rings over cue poles made of recyclable materials.
Experiment with different throwing techniques and angles for the rings to loop in successfully.
Dialogue with Time (Hall B, Mezzanine Floor)
Marble Maze Explore your creativity using recycled materials in this marble maze activity. Design a tour puzzle from start to endpoint. The Tinkering Studio (Hall E)
Paper Airplane Make your ideal flying aircraft.
Customise your unique paper plane with a launcher using recycled materials to fly and aim at target checkpoints.
Future Makers (Indoor Rover Arena)
Catapult Games don’t always have to be new or bought! Create a catapult to aim and shoot at different gaming boards.  Hall B
DIY Controller Broke your controller? No worries!
Welcome to the world of Makey Makey. Use conductive materials to create your unique controller that works with online digital games.
Hall A
Wordle Think you know how to save our Earth? Test your knowledge and guess the Word Of The Week.

Our Earth needs a hero!
Demo Corner
Rubber band Shooter Be a Marine conservation hero by saving sea animals in this shooting game.
Experiment with tension and discover what affects your target distance.
Hall A



Our activities are free for all and are open from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm. We are closed for sanitation from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.