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Science Café relaunch on 17th March.

Science Café is back and better than ever! Mingle, dine, and get up close and personal to experts from diverse fields. With short, concise talks followed by questions and discussion, explore the intersection of culture, science, and technology with us!

In conjunction with Science Centre’s Space Festival 2023, our first Café session begins in an immersive outer space environment. Dine with us among the stars.


Zhen Ning photo

“The Sense of Wonderment”

Ever wondered what a baby is thinking of when they look at the world with their wonderous eyes or look up into the night sky and wonder what goes on up there? In this presentation, Zhen Ning will be sharing his journey in wondering about things and how it led him towards an education in STEM and eventually the Space industry.


Ng Zhen Ning, Co-Founder, CEO, NuSpace



“Lucy in the Sky with Debris: Space Junk, Uncertain Conjunctions and Future Myths”


Artist Isabella Ong and curator Seet Yun Teng will share about their ongoing interdisciplinary project, Lucy in the Sky with Debris. They will introduce their research focus – the visibility of space debris – and expand the conversation beyond environmental, security and economic concerns to cultural, artistic, and heritage perspectives.

Isabella Ong (artist) and Seet Yun Teng (curator)

Cafe speakers (1)


Jan Swierkowski

“Stellar Entanglement”

Stellar Entanglement (2020) is a VR 360o film based on the immersive performance “The Evolution of Stars”. It tells the story of a mysterious scientific institute trying to secure the immortality of a civilization imprisoned on a doomed planet in a remote region of our Galaxy.

Jan Swierkowski, Creative Director, Curator, Instytut B61