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GingerLily @ FM is closed for maintenance until further notice.
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KidsSTOP™ entrance closure

KidsSTOP™ Car Pouch Area, Critters Room & Playmaker Studio will be closed from 27 to 30 May for KidsSTOP™ Mess-ive Science Party set-up.
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Imagine a world without limits, where any object can be produced at the drop of a hat.

Recent advances in 3D printing mean that more people than ever can make their ideas real. This burst of creativity has created millions of interesting things – some of them could even change your life.

No wonder 3D printing is always in the news. But are the stories accurate, or even true? 



Print It

There are many different types of 3D printer, from basic home models to sophisticated industrial machines; each builds objects in layers. Modern machines use different techniques and materials to
create all kinds of things. This section gives an overview of the different types of 3D printers and the materials that can be printed. 


Heal It

The stories in this section highlight how 3D printing is driving innovation in medicine. Each story focuses on a case study.
A real patient, medical professional or researcher explains the
significance of an item of 3D printing technology this person has been involved with. 

‘Heal it’ focuses on how we are all unique and therefore our medical needs are unique too. This section looks at how 3D-printed parts are already being used in medicine as well as applications that are only at a research stage.