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Omni-Theatre - Home of the World’s Latest & Brightest 8K Digital Planetarium System

The Omni-Theatre uses state-of-the-art digital projectors and powerful digital planetarium software to present fulldome shows of unrivalled digital resolution and brightness.

A key highlight is our Live Planetarium Show which is a digital presentation that is projected on the dome screen using our digital planetarium system and delivered live by our very own Science Educator.

With Asia’s largest seamless dome screen (23m), specially designed seating configuration and surround-sound effects, your students will be enthralled by an experiential learning journey like no other! 

Movie Schedule

The theatre screens about 4 new movie titles a year. More information about the new movies would be provided online at

Digital Fulldome Movie

Aurora (From Dec 2017)

(Duration: Approx 35 min)


Aurora, Mother Nature’s very own celestial light show, has fascinated mankind for centuries. From the comfort of your theatre seat, journey to frigid Yellowknife, Canada, to join fellow travellers awaiting the elusive appearance of these beautiful dancing lights. Learn about the science behind these natural occurrences and enjoy the grandeur of auroras captured for the first time in 4K resolution (using several ultra-high sensitivity cameras).


Short Clip: Waiting Far Away
A short video of stunning astronomy art animations where imagination is mixed with real data. This will precede Aurora: Lights of Wonder.

Exploring New Worlds (From Nov 2017)

(Duration: Approx 30 min)

Learn about the structure of our solar system, galaxy and Universe. Discover the space missions we have undertaken – Apollo, Pioneer, New Horizons, Rosetta; and travel to the edge of the Universe I search of answers. What progress have we made and are there new worlds out there?

Robots (From May 2017)

(Duration: Approx 40 min)


Venture into the revolutionary world of humanoid robots and see how they are changing our world.


Follow the robot RoboThespian on a behind-the-scenes tour of the world’s most exciting robotics labs to see 12 extraordinary robots that move, work, play and even look like us! Come face-to-face with robots such as ASIMO, ATLAS and NAO as they show you how they can perform difficult tasks, compete in challenges and even run!

One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure (From 21 Nov 2015)

(Duration: Approx 40 min)

Big BirdYoung children will be thrilled when they find themselves on Sesame Street with their famous friends, Big Bird and Elmo. The fun begins when Elmo’s friend, Hu Hu Zhu, visits from China and the three of them take the audience on an exciting journey of discovery to learn about the Sun, stars, and Big Dipper.
Earth, Moon & Sun (From 5 Sep 2015)

(Duration: Approx 40 min)

OWOSSchprogJoin Coyote, an amusing character adapted from Native American oral traditions, as he explores the relationship between the Earth, Mon and Sun, and how these celestial bodies work together. Watch as Native American stories unfold and distinguish myth from science.


Phases of the Moon (From 2017)

(Duration: Approx 30 min)

PhasesofMoon_iconFrom the Earth, most planets look simply like bright stars moving across the night sky. But as you get up close, they are all as different as you and me! What lies below the clouds of Venus?  What does it look like to stand on Mars? What makes up the beautiful rings of Saturn? Let our Science Educator bring you on an interplanetary journey through our Solar System!
Climate Change (From 1 Mar 2016) 

(Duration: Approx 30 min)

Earth PictureOur Earth behaves as a living breathing organism, her breath the weather above our heads, and her circulatory system, the ocean currents. For millions of years, the conditions on earth have been kept in balance. In the last 250 years, something changed. Humans started affecting the environment in a big way. One of the effects of this is global warming. Is it too late to stop climate change? How will it affect our lives?
Cosmic Surfing (From 30 May 2015)

(Duration: Approx 30 min)

cosmicsurfing8 minutes – that’s how long a beam of light takes to travel from the Sun to the Earth!  That may sound like a huge distance, but it’s only a small step compared to the size of our entire Solar System.  Yet, the Solar System itself is but a small blip compared to the Milky Way Galaxy.  But how big is our Galaxy compared to the rest of the Universe? Join our Science Educator on this faster-than-light trip from Earth, right out to the edge of the Universe!
What’s Up There? (From 30 May 2015)

(Duration: Approx 30 min)

whatsupthereWhat stars, planets and constellations are in the skies tonight?  As the Earth spins around the Sun, we will see different portions of the night sky.  Every week brings a slightly different visual spectacle to the skies overhead.  In this live show, our Science Educator will bring you on a tour of the current night sky, point out the beautiful sights and share fascinating stories about the stars.  

Note: show content will vary depending on time of the year.

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