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Early childhood educators play an important role in exposing students to various topics at a young age and fostering their interest. Want to teach Science in your class but not sure how?

Science Centre offers teacher professional development workshops to equip teachers with scientific knowledge and skills to guide students to explore and spark their interest in Science.

These workshops are endorsed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

*Funding for this course is available under the SkillsConnect System for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs). For non-Singaporeans and PRs, the subsidy is available from ECDA.

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List of Available Workshops



Invitation to children to encourage curiosity, experimentation and discovery of the world through the process of multi-disciplinary Making. Teachers will be guided on setting up a tinkering space in school and activities that can potentially be implemented in the space.

The aim is to set up a Tinkering space in preschools, which can be used by children in free tinkering exploration activities as well as by teachers for facilitated activities. Exploring in the tinkering space will engage the curiosity of the child, making him wonder about the hows and the whys as well as encourages tinkering and discovery of the world.

Learning Objectives:

  • Setting up a tinkering space to allow for creative exploration
  • Using the tinkering space to facilitate activities on the following topics: Movement, Music, Art, Games and Light
  • Science, Math, Language and Art concepts that can be incorporated through activities using the tinkering space.

Workshop cost: $240/pax (w/o GST), $256.80 (with GST)*

Class Dates for 2021 Day 1 Day 2 Registration Closing Date 
 Class 1 30 Mar 27 Apr 16 Mar
 Class 2 24 Aug 28 Sep10 Aug



Children are natural scientists as they constantly explore the world around them. Using their senses, they discover and develop new ideas about how things work. In this 2-day workshop, learn what you can do in the classroom to facilitate, encourage and guide this exploration. You will also learn the basic approaches of incorporating inquiry into the hands-on activities conducted in the classroom. Come and be amazed!

Learning Objectives:

  • Appreciate the need and importance of encouraging curiosity and nurturing an inquiry mind in young children, so as to understand the world around them.
  • Understand methods of inquiry-based teaching and learning. 
  • Be equipped with the knowledge of scientific concepts, and skills to scaffold its learning through inquiry methodologies.
  • Develop/design developmentally appropriate hands-on, inquiry-based science activities.

Workshop cost: $240/pax (w/o GST), $256.80 (with GST)*

Class Dates for 2021 Day 1Day 2 Registration Closing Date 
 Class 1 8 Apr 29 Apr 25 Mar
 Class 2 22 Jul 12 Aug 8 Jul


Through the Inquiry-based approach, participants will be guided to design child-centric and age-appropriate hands-on activities to engage children throughout their learning journey. The use of Science Process Skills and Asking the Right Questions techniques will be incorporated to enhance the teaching process. The integration of the different learning areas will also be included to ensure holistic development in learning. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basic concepts of ‘Kitchen Science’ 
  • Design and implement fun, engaging and developmentally appropriate activities to encourage inquiry and exploration, based on concepts of ‘Kitchen Science’
  • Apply a range of questioning techniques, and understand the importance of asking the right questions to spark curiosity in children
  • Explore how the integration of ‘Kitchen Science’ in the curriculum could lead to deeper and more meaningful learning 

Workshop cost: $348/pax (w/o GST), $372.36 (with GST)*

Class Dates for 2021 Day 1Day 2 Registration Closing Date 
 Class 1 15 Apr 6 May 1 Apr
 Class 2 29 Jul 26 Aug 15 Jul


Earth, the beautiful planet we call home is the only place in our solar system which we know contains life. Why is Earth the only planet where living things thrive? 

The Earth We Share is a training programme that reaches out to N2, K1 and K2 educators to encourage them to question and explore the place they call home. Hands-on activities will cover concepts on land and structures of buildings as well as water, our source of life. 

Learning Objectives:

Topics of land and water will be covered in this training programme. Educators will be equipped with the necessary materials and knowledge required to help create an authentic learning experience which enhances learning and curiosity. The ‘Earth We Share’ kit includes:

  • Basic content knowledge on Earth Sciences focusing on topics related to land and water
  • Resources and strategies to introduce Earth Sciences to children
  • Materials for hands-on activities in the classroom

Workshop cost: $240/pax (w/o GST), $256.80 (with GST)*

Class Dates for 2021 Day 1 Day 2 Registration Closing Date 
 Class 1 11 Mar 22 Apr 25 Feb
Class 219 Aug23 Sep5 Aug