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Students and the public can now engage in unravelling the secrets of life at the DNA Learning Lab at Science Centre Singapore. This facility allows students (primary to pre-university levels) and the public to keep pace with the DNA revolution and advances in the life sciences. So come along, learn and enjoy the experience!

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Why a DNA Learning Lab @ Science Centre Singapore?

The main objective of setting up the DNA Learning Lab is to give our students a deeper understanding of life sciences topics and issues and at the same time stimulate students' interest in taking up careers in the life sciences. This would educate students to be more scientifically literate and later, as adults, they would have more considered views about life sciences issues and concerns.

Funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE)

The DNA Learning Lab was set up as part of the collaboration between MOE and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's Dolan DNA Learning Center in New York. The Science Centre's facility allows students to have hands-on experience in conducting genetics experiments.

The Lab offers classes for Primary to Junior College levels. The programmes range from introductory classes to hands-on experiments, such as the study of cells and bacteria, gene transfer of fluorescent protein from jellyfish to bacteria and sequence inspection using the computer. Click here to find out more about our school programmes.

Contact Us

For any enquiries, please email DNA Learning Lab or call 6425 2442.