STaR Kits (Science Teaching and Resource Kits) are designed to support the teaching and learning of science through inquiry-based activities.

Targeted at primary and secondary levels, the kits can be used to develop inquiry process skills in students and to stimulate student to talk as they construct understanding about science concepts or ideas.

STaR Kits is a collaboration between Ministry of Education, Singapore and Science Centre Singapore.

There are ten different STaR Kits available for purchase. The latest addition to the series is the Periodic Table.

DC Motor & AC generator Visualisation Kit

ACDCkitThe DC Motor & AC generator Visualisation Kit represents a novel method for students to understand the concepts of DC Motor and AC generator by visualizing the interaction of magnetic field using 3D physical models.

Stability Kit

stabilitykitThe Stability Kit allows users to experiment with varying the base area of the kit and varying the height of the centre of gravity. The purpose is to help students understand how the stability of an object is affected by the base area and the centre of gravity. This kit features several real world case studies that help students connect this concept to their everyday life.

EBlocks Electricity Kit

EBlockElectricityEBlocks Electricity Kit visually emulates real circuit design while providing an accessible and intuitive interface for students to learn about electrical systems, electrical circuit, circuit layout, voltage and resistance. It covers the basics for the primary school science syllabus and also provides additional activities for enrichment beyond the textbook. This kit differs from conventional kits because circuit components are joined through magnetic coupling so that one will always know which is the right way.

Magnetism Kit

MagnetismThe purpose of the Magnetism Kit is to help students develop an understanding of the properties of a magnet and its uses in our daily life.  Through guided inquiry and hands-on activities, students will discover what magnets are made of and what materials will they attract.  Through interesting activities, they will also discover the power of the poles and why they are known as North Pole and South Pole. Students will also learn how to create temporary magnets.

Periodic Table

periodic cardsStudents challenge each other in this card game where they learn to make connections between Chemistry concepts and obtain a better understanding of the periodic table.

Friction Kit *Out of Stock*

FrictionFriction is a force that opposes the movement of a sliding object. Friction can be found everywhere around us, in places where objects come in contact with each other.  The experiments allow students to explore how frictional force affects the movement of objects with different mass, surface area and surface roughness. This experiment setup will also help in clearing student misconceptions regarding Friction.Teachers can guide students to explore the factors that influence the frictional force between two objects. The inquiry based learning exercises are clearly explained in the accompanying lesson plan that teachers can use with the kit which consists of different wooden block surfaces, weights and a simple pulley system.

Holey Moley *Out of Stock*

HoleyMoleySetAre you finding it hard to teach/learn Stoichiometry? Well, the Holey Moley Kit might be just what you need. Designed as a board game based on the popular “Snakes and Ladders”, Holey Moley can help to provide a clearer understanding of the Mole concept, Atomic structure and Stoichiometry. Up to 5 players can simultaneously use the Holey Moley kit for team play. The pack includes cards, chips, cube die and answer sheets so students can challenge each other to race to the end of the board while sneaking in some revision for the next Chemistry test – studying has never been so more fun!

Shadow Arc (formerly Light Kit) *Out of Stock*

ShadowArcThe purpose of the Light Kit is to help students develop an understanding on how the angle from which the light is shone affects the length and direction of the shadow cast.  It features an arc with individually controlled 7 light bulbs, simulating the position of the sun in a day.  Teachers can perform effective demonstration by placing the wooden blocks of various shapes on the base, to observe how shadow is formed and measure the length of the shadow. Each Light Kit is accompanied with a user manual with a list of experiments.

Mystery Spongee

MysterySpongeeThe purpose of Mystery SPONGEE is to help students develop an understanding of the nature of science through a collaborative process of creating knowledge based on observations and inferences. Each Mystery Spongee is accompanied with a user manual that details a list of experiments.

Heat Kit

DSC_0062The purpose of the Heat Kit is to help students explore the concept of heat conduction and learn more about the type of materials that make good conductors. Each Heat Kit is accompanied with a user manual that details a list of experiments.

Density Kit

DSC_0032The purpose of the Density Kit is to help students explore the concept of density by comparing different materials and their ability to sink/ float in water. Each Density Kit is accompanied with a user manual that details a list of experiments.

Chemistry ICT Tool Kit *Out of Stock*

DSC_0004The kit aims to reinvent the means to learn and enhance students’ knowledge of chemistry symbols, ionic compounds and formulae through animation and playing a time-based game. Each Chemistry ICT Tool Kit is accompanied with a CD and an instruction manual that details a list of experiments.

Light Box Kit *Out of Stock*

LightBoxKitThe purpose of the Light Box Kit is to help pupils discover how shadows are produced and the variables that affect their formation.


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