A mid-year activity for schools: 18 - 25 May 2023

After a two-year hiatus, the highly anticipated Brain Fest 2023 is back with its latest edition: Magic.. Mystery.. Mayhem! Brain Fest features our signature mass escape game, tied to the spectacular special effects science show titled “The ELECTRIFIED Show: Spark”.

Brain Fest 2023 EDM



In this mass escape game, students will race against time and put their heads together to solve the disappearance of a magician before his next show. Not only will they learn about various brain functions, the mass escape game encourages character building through teamwork, time management and strategic problem solving. Explanations on various aspects of the game and the brain functions required to solve the puzzles will be given at the end of the game.

TitleActivity Type
Magic.. Mystery.. Mayhem!  Mass Escape Game 
The ELECTRIFIED Show: Spark Special Effects Science Show 
Unmasking the Magic Self-exploratory Gallery Trail 


  • Mass Escape Game: Magic.. Mystery.. Mayhem!

    Venue: Science Centre Singapore, Annexe Hall 2
    Duration: 1 h 15 min (including pre- and post- activity briefing)
    Capacity: max. 200 pax/session
    Suitable for Pri 5 and above

    An hour to the biggest show of his life, the magician is nowhere to be found. The only clues to his disappearance lie in his lair. It is up to you to uncover his whereabouts amidst smoke and mirrors, tricks only the sharpest may outwit. The show must go on. Can you find the magician in time?

    In this mass escape game, you will be tested on the following soft skills to obtain the missing pieces from different puzzles:

    - Creative thinking
    - Focus and alertness
    - Memory
    - Instinct and coordination
    - Inferential skill
    - Problem-solving

    This is a team-based game, each team can comprise a maximum of 5 members. Please form the groups before attending. There may be more than 1 school playing the game together.

  • Special Effects Science Show: The ELECTRIFIED Show: Spark

    Venue: Science Centre Singapore, Annexe Hall 1
    Duration: 45 min
    Capacity: max. 400 pax/session 
    Suitable for Pri 1 and above

    The ELECTRIFIED Show is a spectacular special effect science show with creative story-telling that brings the audience into a high-tech fantasy world to mystify, amaze, and SPARK the curiosity of the mind. Performers travel through time and dimensions, creating beautiful and spectacular experiences. In the show, you will be exposed to multi-sensory experiences with interactive elements.

    Students attending Brain Fest on selected dates will get to enjoy an exclusive preview of The ELECTRIFIED Show: Spark before its official opening.

  • Gallery Trail (Self-Guided): Unmasking the Magic

    Venue: Science Centre Singapore, Galleries 
    Recommended duration: 1 hour (Trail booklet provided)

    Curious about the different ways magic can be explained by simple science concepts? Take a self-guided trip around the galleries armed with a trail booklet to facilitate your learning journey. Unravel the mysteries behind the scientific concepts visited in Brain Fest and experience the phenomena for yourself while you find the answers to questions that may leave you with more questions.

    With a wide range of topics like optical illusions, mirrors, phobias, electricity and music, you’ll never worry that there is not enough to do in the Science Centre galleries. 

Click here to view or download Annex A: Suggested Links to Curriculum

Click here to view or download Brain Fest Poster

DateWhat's IncludedCost*
18, 19 MayBrain Fest + Gallery Trail$12 / pax
22 MayBrain Fest only$12 / pax
23, 24, 25 May

Brain Fest + Gallery Trail +


$32 / pax

Brain Fest and The ELECTRIFIED Show are highly discounted for Singapore-based school groups only. The usual price is approximately $80 per pax for Brain Fest and $120 per pax for Brain Fest + The ELECTRIFIED Show package.

*Science Centre admission is complimentary for local schools and international schools who are Science Centre members. Science Centre admission fees apply to non-member international schools based in Singapore.

  • 18, 19 and 22 May 2023: Brain Fest & Gallery Trail
    Option 1:
    9:00 am: Mass Escape Game
    10:00 am: Gallery Trail
    11:00 am: End
    Option 3:
    11:00 am: Gallery Trail
    12:00 pm: Mass Escape Game
    1:00 pm: End
    Option 2:
    10:30 am: Mass Escape Game
    11:30 am: Gallery Trail
    12:30 pm: End
    Option 4:
    2:00 pm: Mass Escape Game
    3:00 pm: Gallery Trail
    4:00 pm: End
     Option 5:
    2:30 pm: Gallery Trail
    3:30 pm: Mass Escape Game
    4:30 pm: End

    Note: Gallery Trail not available on 22 May as Science Centre is closed on that day. Only Brain Fest activities will be open.

  • 23, 24 and 25 May 2023: Brain Fest, Gallery Trail & The ELECTRIFIED Show
    Option 6:
    9:00 am: Mass Escape Game
    10:30 am: The ELECTRIFIED Show
    11:30 am: Gallery Trail
    12:30 pm: End
    Option 8:
    2:00 pm: Mass Escape Game
    3:30 pm: The ELECTRIFIED Show
    4:30 pm: Gallery Trail
    5:30 pm: End
    Option 7:
    9:30 am: Gallery Trail
    10:30 am:  The ELECTRIFIED Show
    11:30 am: Mass Escape Game
    12:45 pm: End
    Option 9:
    2:30 pm: Gallery Trail
    3:30 pm: The ELECTRIFIED Show
    4:30 pm: Mass Escape Game
    5:45 pm: End


  • Important Note

    Please arrive 20 min earlier than the stated programme start time to allow time for registration and moving to the venue (i.e. please arrive Science Centre by 8.40am if you book for the 9am session).

    To minimise disruption, late-comers will be denied entry to the mass escape game and/or show, whichever applicable. However, they can still visit the galleries at Science Centre except on 22 May.

    Confirmation of booking will be sent through our online booking system (OBS) and will be invoiced directly to your school.


To book a slot, you may do so at https://tinyurl.com/brainfest-schools or via the QR code below:

Brain Fest school booking formsg QR Code

For further queries, please contact Ms Cheryl Leong at 6425 2766 (Cheryl_LEONG@science.edu.sg) or Mr Ax Tan at 6425 2527 (Jing_Wee_TAN_FROM.TP@science.edu.sg).

For corporate and overseas enquires, please contact us at sales@science.edu.sg.