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27-28 July 2018 (overnight), 6pm -7am
Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI)
For families with children aged 7 and above


Join us as a family for a Night with the Stars at LLI to witness a lunar eclipse. Gaze at the stars and pick up new digital skills at our Skillsfuture Digital Workplace and Artificial Intelligence (A.I) workshops!


Day 1: Friday 27 July

6.00 pm          Registration
7.00 pm          Dinner & Camp Briefing
7.30 pm          Eclipse Talk
8.00 pm          Activity 1: Talk and workshop for adults (please choose one)
                                    a) Are you ready for the digital workplace
                                    b) What can you do with AI today             

                        Activity 2: Workshop for children
                                    a) Light up your way

9.00 pm          Family activity: Telescope Making
9.45 pm          Stargazing
11.00 pm         Rest


Day 2: Saturday 28 July

3.00 am          Lunar Eclipse Viewing
6.15 am          Breakfast & Camp Debrief


For registration, click here.

1.   Limited to maximum of two parents per child.
2.   Child's age must be between 7-12 years old.
3.   There will be no shower facilities but please bring your toothbrushes to freshen yourselves up!
4.   Parents are responsible for the constant supervision of child under their care throughout the participation of the event.       

Please be advised that the organisers will not be held responsible or liable for any claim, injury, death or damage to property, personal belongings and otherwise.

  • Are you ready for the digital workplace? ( For Adult )
    In our technology-rich world, there is a real need to be for us to be up-to-date on what is available and be effective users for our private lives and at work especially where fake news and cyber security threats abound. This mini-workshop aims to give participants a taste of the technological advances prevalent in Singapore, explain common digital terms, cyber security issues and innovations that we can possibly explore. Participants will get a chance to experience some hands-on digital applications that are used in the full two-day workshop that will enable them to be confident for the digital workplace. 
  • What can you do with AI today? ( For Adult )
    Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from the world of Deep Blue and Chess playing computers. There is a multitude of tools and technologies available such that the most basic programmers can access APIs and get started with using AI to develop solutions. In this tech talk, we will look at some of the available tools and technologies and how to access these tools. Participants will get to ideate around everyday problems and how AI can be used to solve some of these problems.
  • Light up your way ( For Kids )
    We are going to wake up at 3am to view the lunar eclipse. It is going to be a dark night and your task will be to make sure that you can light up the way for yourself and your parents using the materials given. Are you game enough?
  • Make your own telescope ( For adults and kids )
    Telescopes are used to see far. From the largest telescopes in remote locations that are computer-controlled to the smallest handheld ones, telescopes open up the worlds beyond and allow us to see through space and time. Today, you learn to make your own telescope and we will see how far they can see. Use your own telescope during the eclipse while you wait for your turn at the larger ones. It's going to be fun!

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