About World Water Day

Clean water and sanitation is Sustainable Development Goal #6, and the United Nations (UN) has official identified World Water Day to be held annually on 22 March. Every March, Singaporeans from all walks of life come together to celebrate this occasion.

Here in the Science Centre Singapore, we will be doing out part by raising awareness about water value and scarcity trough a variety of activities and an experiential gallery hunt. Join us to learn more about the water cycle, the different uses of water, and the importance of water conservation. 

'Day as a Droplet' Gallery Hunt

Location: Hall B

Cost: $5/Gallery Hunt

Did you know? The water on Earth now is the same water on our planet 5 billion years ago! To find out how this is possible, don your water droplet hats, grab a gallery hunt, and shape-shift through the different states of water as you journey through the water cycle!

'Wet & Wild' Activity Booths

Cost: Free!

Activity Location
Water Pump ActivityFuture Makers, Hall D
Water Tension ActivityScientist for a Day, Hall A
Make your own Paddle Boat ActivityTinkering, Hall E

'Steaming' Sale

Location: The Curiosity Shop

Visit our souvenir shop to purchase cool water-related merchandise!

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