the explosive food show

Join Fran and Dan from the Royal Institution of Great Britain for an exciting demonstration-filled spectacular day and see food in a new light, as they conduct interactive Livestream shows with Primary and Secondary Schools!

Learn more about the role each ingredient plays and be amazed by the chemical transformations that take place while cooking! 

Live session from the school performances will be streamed and uploaded on to our Youtube Channel.

Tune in to the Explosive Food Show at 3:00 pm on 3 Aug 2020.

Click here for the Explosive Food Show Activity Booklet!

Date: 3 August - 7 August 2020

Dan Plane

Dan arrived in the country, penniless and unable to speak English, via the maternity ward of Whipps Cross hospital, Walthamstow, and has been London based ever since. After repeatedly falling in and out of love with science across his education, Dan realised the importance of inspiring and engaging science education for young people. So, after gaining experience working in primary schools, particularly with children with additional learning needs, he cut his science communication teeth at the Science Museum in London.

Now, fulfilling multiple roles at the Ri, he hopes to inspire school children to follow science paths, families to try science demos at home, and teachers to engage their pupils with exciting demos and investigations.

Fran Scott

Fran is a three-time BAFTA nominated science presenter, consultant and pyrotechnican, specialising in science demonstrations for both the stage and screen. With twelve years of experience in informal STEM education, she’s worked on more than 20 science television series, has successfully produced hundreds of science stage shows and events, and contributed to 13 science books and kits.

She has focused her career around enhancing the appeal of science and engineering. Through the use of ingenious demonstrations and narratives she aims to highlight the wonder of discovery and creativity at the heart of these subjects.