Overnight Camp at KidsSTOP™ - Jo's Night Out (for families)

Spend the night at KidsSTOP™ this June holidays!  Join our inaugural overnight camp for families, and learn survival skills through loads of parent-child activities!



  • Hands-on STEAM activities
  • Challenges that promote parent-child bonding
  • Exclusive free play session
  • Meals including dinner, supper and breakfas
  • Shower amenities
  • Individual tents pitched around KidsSTOP™ for each family
Age Group4 - 8 years old

18 (Fri) - 19 (Sat) Jun 2021 (Sold out)

24 (Thu) - 25 (Fri) Jun 2021

Time3pm to 11am (the next day)
Fee $430 per parent-child pair (inclusive of GST) 

How to register

Click here to register. Limited slots available!

Contact us for enquiries at
6425 2500

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