Science Centre Singapore and its group of attractions will remain closed until further notice.

Take a deep dive into Science beyond school!

Let us bring real-world Science alive through exciting experiences. Check out the series of camps in November and December. Sign up for more camps to enjoy greater savings!

1 Camp$350
2 Camps$650
4 Camps$1160

Perfect for children aged 10 to 12 years old. 


  • CheMystery Camp

    16 - 17 Nov 2020, 10am to 4pm

    Colour changing, bubbles forming, heat produced. These are some ways to determine if a chemical reaction has occurred. Try out different experiments and unveil the mysteries behind them. Beware that some experiments are not safe to try at home.

  • Astronomy Camp

    19 - 20 Nov 2020, 2pm to 8pm

    Explore what lies beyond us in this exclusive camp. The only camp that gets you to experience our night sky and be amazed at the wonders of space and stargazing. Parents are welcomed to join campers at the end to enjoy a special stargazing session. Learn all about space and stargazing as a timekeeping technique.

  • Survive On Science (SOS) Camp

    23 - 24 Nov 2020, 10am to 4pm

    Food, water and shelter. These are the basic but essential things we need in order to survive. Whether in an urban environment or in the wilderness, learn important survival skills with us such as making fire, obtaining drinkable water, building simple shelter and even basic navigation. Be a survivor no matter what life throws at you. Are you able to survive on science?

  • Serious Gaming Camp

    26 - 27 Nov 2020, 10am to 4pm

    If you love playing video games, this camp is for you! You will be playing several games such as Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program and SimplePlanes*. Solve problems, conquer challenges and most importantly, learn important scientific concepts while playing these video games! What are you waiting for? Time to get your game on!

    *Actual list of games may vary depending on availability.

  • Engineering Camp

    1 - 2 Dec 2020, 10am to 4pm

    Engineers start young! Make engineering concepts simple by combining Science knowledge and modern technology to build interesting structures and machines. This holistic experience will give students a headstart to engineering.

Contact Details

For further enquiries, please email Dr Kiruthika or Ms Beatriz Fernandez.