Earth Day Poster 2020
About Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event observed on 22 April to celebrate the planet's environment and to raise public awareness about environmental issues. 

Celebrate Earth Day virtually with us and participate in these #stayhome activities!

  • Spot the Differences!

    Perfect for ages 5 and above

    These two pictures might look similar but there are actually five differences! Can you spot them all?

    Earth Day 2020 - Spot The Difference

    Which image is showing more eco-friendly habits? How are these habits benefiting our planet? Do you practice some of these habits?

  • Find the Hidden Otters

    Perfect for ages 5 and above

    The otters are on the loose again! Can you find all the otters?

    Earth Day Otters Activity

    Bonus: Try to spot other local species hidden within this image! Have you seen them in Singapore before?

  • Composting 101
    Perfect for ages 9 and above (with adult supervision)

    Turn your good waste into a nutrient-rich soil conditioner! Here's a comprehensive guide to make your very own traditional compost in the comfort of your homes.

    Earth Day Composting
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  • Recycling Plastics

    Perfect for all ages

    Don't just throw everything away! Some plastics can be recycled in Singapore. Sort through your trash with our helpful guide below.

    Earth Day Recycling Plastics

    Bonus: For items that cannot be recycled, can you upcycle them by making it into something else?

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