Science Centre Singapore and KidsSTOP™ are closed on 17 & 24 Feb 2020.

Omni-Theatre is closed for upgrading works from 17 Feb to 20 Mar 2020.

About the Event

Join us in an immersive celebration of numbers and Pi week, filled with enriching activities. Experience the exhilarating discovery of numbers around you!

Gallery Trail

Explore various exhibits in our galleries and complete 3 specially curated activities to learn about the wonders of numbers!

  • Pi Wayfinding

Discover how we can locate objects using fixed points and circles! Use your new found knowledge to locate a hidden symbol within Science Centre.

  • Pi Hunt

Do you think you can derive pi using circumference and diameter? Explore the Galleries, and put your measuring skills to the test!

  • Fun with Calculations

Are you confident of calculating without the use of a calculator? Challenge your ability for mental calculations and pick up some cool tips!

(Venue: Various Galleries, Science Centre Singapore)


Pi Memory Game Challenge

The Guinness World Record for the most digits of pi memorized is 70,000! Put your memory to the test by memorizing as many as you can!

(Venue: Tuning In: Brain and Body, Hall E)