Science Centre Singapore and its group of attractions will remain closed until further notice.


Learn science in a fun manner through these hands-on Young Scientist workshops. Complete 15 stars and earn a cool Young Scientist badge. Collect all of them now!

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1 Workshop$60.00
Any 3 Workshops$150.00

Perfect for children aged 10 to 12 years old. 

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Registrants for the workshop will receive a $5 discount for the online I am a Young Scientist Badge Programme (Full site subscription)

  • I Am A Young Geneticist

    12 Jun 2020, 9am to 1pm

    Ever wondered why DNA is so important? Join us to do some fun hands-on DNA experiments, including DNA extraction!

  • [NEW!] I Am A Young Entomologist

    25 Jun 2020, 9am to 1pm

    "Eeek! Cockroach!"

    Insects are often misunderstood but these mini warriors have been around since the age of dinosaurs! They are one of the most successful animals that have ever dwelled on earth. Learn more about this creepy crawlies and turn those "Eeeks" to "WOW!"

  • I Am a Young Chemist

    10 Sep 2020, 9am to 1pm

    Conduct exciting chemistry experiments like creating a simple fire extinguisher, separating colours in candies and making natural pH indicators.

    At the end of the workshop, create and take home your very own slime!

  • I Am A Young Physicist

    11 Sep 2020, 9am to 1pm

    All aboard! Join us on a journey as we travel by different transportation. Get your hands dirty and learn how stuff works!

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