DNA Month Celebrations

April marks a significant month of DNA celebrations, including DNA Day (25 April), the 70th anniversary of the discovery of DNA's double helix, as well as the 20th anniversary of Science Centre Singapore's DNA Lab!

Come join us at Science Centre from 4 - 30 April and unravel the secrets of life through a series of exciting activities such as DNA extraction, Traits Tree community project and the Young Geneticist trail.

Furthermore, for two special weekends (7 - 9 & 15 - 16 April), the DNA Lab opens its doors to the public to check out lab equipment and activities, along with a workshop and public talk.

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Activities are free unless otherwise stated. Science Centre admission applies and should be separately purchased.

  • DNA Month Activities (4 - 30 April, Science Centre Galleries)

    DNA Extraction

    Can we see DNA with our naked eyes?

    Conduct your very own DNA extraction activity and find out! Plus, get a chance to interact with scientists in this field (weekends only)!

    Hall A: Scientist for a Day

    Traits Tree community project

    Identify your traits and leaf your mark at our Traits Tree community project!

    Hall A: Urban Mutations

    Decode the DNA

    Try out this simple activity to learn how to decode DNA sequences. Find the answer hidden inside the codes to get a chance to redeem a mini souvenir, while stocks last.

    Entrance Hall/Hall F: Demo corner and Hall A: Scientist for a Day

    Young Geneticist Trail

    Complete our newly-launched Young Geneticist trail at $5 each! Sign up at www.gevme.com/scsonlinetickets and collect your trail booklet at the entrance of Science Centre.

    Completionists can collect their badges at Science Centre during the DNA Lab Open House weekends.

    Through Hall F: DNA corridor


  • DNA Lab Open House (7 - 9 & 15 - 16 April, DNA Lab)

    For two special weekends, the DNA Lab opens its doors to the public to check out lab equipment and activities, along with an exclusive themed workshop.

    Glowing Bacteria
    Find out how scientists make bacteria glow and its significance.

    Microscopic World
    Marvel at the tiny unimaginable wonders under the microscope lens.

    Man vs Machine
    Challenge yourself and find out if you are stronger than the centrifuge!

    DNA Model
    Create a DNA souvenir using digital fabricator tools. Redeem a souvenir after completing the required activities, while stocks last.

    Special Workshop: PETernity Test (one session per day at 10.30am – 12pm)
    Daisy the cat has just given birth to four adorable kittens! But… Who is their father? Join us to solve this case of kitten paternity and experience laboratory techniques used by researchers around the world! For participants age 10 and above ($5/pax, pre-registration required at www.gevme.com/dna-month).


  • Understanding Genomics and Your Health – Public Talk (15 April, 2.30 – 3.30pm, Mendel Auditorium)

    Genomics is transforming how doctors look after patients and keep them well. The applications of genomics in medicine have risen dramatically. 2023 is the 20th anniversary of the completion of the Human Genome Project and in 2023, Science Centre together with PRECISE will co-host a series of public forums on how genomics is already playing a vital part in everyday health.

    In this first instalment, we have Dr Chiang Jian Bang to share with us the importance of family history on understanding cancer risk and Dr Sharon Pek on how early diagnosis of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia is important for maintaining a healthy heart.

    Register here.


    About the speakers:

    Chiang Jianbang_Med OncoDr Chiang Jianbang is a Consultant in Medical Oncology at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) and Clinical Assistant Professor at Duke-NUS Medical School. He hopes to empower patients, family members and healthcare professionals with cancer genetics knowledge to improve personal and public health. He works with a team of dedicated geneticists, genetic counsellors and research staff at NCCS to achieve these goals.
    Dr Sharon Pek is a Principal Research Scientist at Clinical Research Unit, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Dr Sharon is interested in deploying next generation sequencing data to inform clinicians and patients on the heritable risk for lipid disorders. She enjoys sharing project findings with the research participants especially when results are actionable and improves scientific knowledge.Sharon

For Enquiries

Please write in to dnalab@science.edu.sg.