Science Centre Singapore and its group of attractions will remain closed until further notice.

Advisory on COVID-19

These are unprecedented times and we stand united with the rest of Singapore to overcome COVID-19. We are actively monitoring this rapidly evolving situation. As a precautionary measure, BrainFest is postponed to 2021.

[Last updated: 26 March 2020]

About Brain Fest: The Fear Factory

Doctor F has unleashed a gas that makes your worst fears come alive, and the only hope is the antidote hidden away in Doctor F's laboratory. Face your fears and make your way through Doctor F's laboratory to obtain the antidote before it's too late - will you be successful in your mission or will you succumb to your darkest fears?

Form teams of 3-5 people with your friends or family and take part in this highly exciting mass escape game!

Suitable for ages 10 and above

Event Details

Stay tuned for the dates in 2021!

Mass Escape Game Timings:  Stay tuned for the timeslots!

Venue: Annexe Hall 1, The Annexe, Science Centre Singapore

Ticket Prices: Stay tuned for the best deal!

For further enquiries, please email the Brain Fest team at or contact Lim Huan (6425 2441)/Charissa (6425 2789).