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Calling all nature lovers!

This December, let us take you on a unique adventure into our EcoGarden and be immersed in the wonders of nature.

Participate in our Nature Workshops*, embark on an exciting adventure in our Nature Camp* or come face-to-face with some carnivorous plants. 

Don't miss this week-long nature adventure!

Sign up today!

  • Nature Interactive Corner

    Visit our interactive corner and meet some carnivorous plants. Get your hands busy with other nature-related activities. 

    3 - 7 Dec 2018

    10am - 12pm & 2pm - 4pm

    (No pre-registration required!)

  • Nature Camp

    Do you love adventure and discovery?

    Sign up for our fun nature camp to discover the hidden gems in nature which can be useful in our daily lives and how organisms exist in a delicate balance with each other.

    Our small student-to-facilitator ratio (6 to 1) ensures that your child will have a personalised learning experience with our instructors.

    4 - 5 Dec 2018

    10am - 4pm (for both days)

    $320 per participant (inclusive of lunch)

  • Nature workshops

    Each workshop is priced at $50 per participant. Sign up for both workshops and get a 10% discount off the total price! (admission fees to Science Centre may apply)

    Let's PONDer About Life

    Ever pondered about how living things work together in a freshwater ecosystem, and how we can tell if the balance has been upset? Embark on a mission to investigate the health of our pond through collecting your own live specimens and observing them under the microscope!

    6 Dec 2018

    10am - 12pm 

    It's Shrimply Amazing!

    Want to rear pets but have little time for them? In this workshop, learn about what an ecosystem is and create your own mini-ecosystem in a glass jar, complete with adorable shrimps! Watch them dance elegantly in your own home, with minimal care. What are you waiting for? Come and marvel over the beauty of these tiny crustaceans.

    7 Dec 2018

    10am - 12pm