Coder Z


The Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge is sponsored by Amazon and the programme consists of 3 parts:
(1) Introduction to Block Coding Workshop
(2) Intermediate Coding Workshop 
(3) CoderZ Coding Challenge  (Click here for National Robotics Competition)

CoderZ is an innovative, friendly and engaging online learning tool that makes robotics and programming accessible to everyone.
For schools, public members, and the underserved community to become the next generation of coders in this first-of-its-kind virtual robotics programme. Participants get to practice coding while developing computational thinking and creative problem-solving skills.


This workshop is open to all interested upper primary and secondary school students to learn the basics of coding and its real-world application and gain some 21st century competencies. Onsite, online, and outreach workshops are available from now till July 2022. A set of video resources has also been curated for students who prefer to learn about coding at their own pace. 
Interested participants can register here


After attending the introductory workshop, students under the financial assistance scheme who are keen to further improve their coding competency may sign up for the online Intermediate Coding Workshop. The virtual workshop to be held in July, seeks to build up the student’s confidence level and knowledge in coding in preparation for the CoderZ Coding Challenge. 

Key Dates

 Event  Date
 Block Coding Workshop March to July 2022
 Intermediate Coding Competency Workshop (Online)

 23 July 2022

 30 July 2022

CoderZ Coding Challenge Competition (Online)

 Registration Opens (Click Here) May 2022
 Primary Category 5 September 2022
 Secondary Category 6 September 2022

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact Miss Ng Zhi Yan at or Miss Jaslyn Ong at for more information regarding the programme.