science whaaaat?

From foamy elephant toothpaste to an indoor hot air balloon, if you are up for an afternoon of science-filled activities, these hands-on experiments are just the right dose of fun for you! Check out the series of videos below that will get you asking “Science Whaaaat?!”


elephant toothpaste - experiment

With chemicals combined, a massive amount of elephant toothpaste is going to blow your mind!

*Warning: It’s going to be messy!* 

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popping canisters - experiment

Equipped with a couple of simple materials and the concept of pressure, watch as we make things “POP” and fly!

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hot air balloon - exhibit with DIY

Marvel at the stunning hot air balloon floating up in the sky! What if you could try your hand at making your very own - indoors!

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bristol stool chart - exhibit

You are at the clinic with a bad tummy ache, but am embarrassed to describe your poo to the doctor. What do you do? Catch our video to learn about a chart that does exactly the job!

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cloud ring - exhibit with DIY

The phenomenon of smoke rings can be observed in volcano eruptions and more. While there isn’t a local volcano, you can still create your very own cloud ring maker. Watch our video to find out how!

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ecosphere - exhibit

How does a sealed ecological system survive without any additional input of food and water? Find out what lies in Science Centre Singapore’s ecosphere that is probably older than you and I

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