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Create visually stunning 3D art from simple 2D structures!

About the workshop

What comes to mind when 2D is mentioned? Did you know that by stacking 2D surfaces, we can achieve very interesting 3D structures?

This workshop focuses on a very simple concept – 2D stack – that has many applications in the various industries, namely architecture, construction, exhibits and materials engineering. Combined with mathematical concepts, an array of interesting 3D art pieces can be created easily by you.

Bring your own laptop installed with LibreCAD 2.1.X for the workshop!

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About Digital Fabrication Space (DFS)

DFS is an incubation space where makers gather to create their ideas come to life from start to finish. A fully equipped space with professionals to assist your projects, DFS comes ready with digital technologies such as laser cutting machines, 3D printer and scanner, printed circuit board (PCB) milling machine as well as 2D and 3D CAD stations.