Are you looking for fun and educational Science programmes to do as part of a corporate outing or with a group of friends or for family bonding? We got it all!

Fee: $25* per participant (excluding Science Centre Singapore admission)

Duration: 2 hours

Time Slots: 9.30am or 2.30pm

Maximum Capacity: 20 family pairs (min. participant rate: 16 pairs)

  • Chem-Mystery

    Chemistry (pH indicator; Acid-Base reaction)

    Want to see chemical reactions but do not have chemicals to do so? Join us on this mystical and magical learning adventure as you learn about the chemical reactions through using common items found at home!

    Activities: Dry ice demonstration, dancing raisins, red cabbage juice indicator, disappearing ink

  • Bread Baking Affair

    Kitchen Science (Bacteria; Fermentation)

    Did you know that bacteria and fungi have been helping us to make delicious food? Uncover the secrets of fermentation through fun experiments and bread baking!

    Activities: Bread baking

  • Saturday Light Fever

    Physics (Reflection; Total Internal Reflection; Refraction; Shadow Opacity) 

    Be amazed by the wonders of light! Learn some tricks with light, make your own kaleidoscope and create art with photosensitive paper while learning about the concepts of light.

    Activities: Kaleidoscope, Photosensitive paper

  • Unbe-LEAF-able Plants

    Nature Science (Transport in Plants; Microscopy; Photosynthesis; Water Cycle)

    Tired of growing plants but unsure how to take care of them? Be-LEAF it or not, you will learn so much about plants in this programme and take home a mini-ecosystem that is self-sustaining!

    Activities: Celery xylem demonstration, Microscope viewing of Stomata, Terrarium making

  • Colours of Taste

    Chemistry (pH Indicator; Pigment Extraction; Anthocyanin) 

    Ever wondered how to tell if a solution is acidic or basic? pH indicators allow us to visualise the acidity of a solution through colours. Join us and explore the array of colours using natural pH indicators and create beautiful and colourful edible agar-agar!

    Activities: Pigment extraction, Colour creation, Jelly making

  • Stately Matters

    Chemistry (Characteristics of Matter; Density of Liquids; Non-Newtonian liquid; Acid-Base Reaction) 

    Do you think you know a lot about the different states of matter? Be prepared to have your mind blown as we take you on a journey to find out if the states really matter. With gas rockets, disappearing water and many more whacky creations, you are bound to change your mind on this matter. 

    Activities: Hydrogel, Lava lamp making, Obleck making, Gas rockets

  • We Like to Move It!

    Nature Science (Adaptations; Biomimicry) 

    Learn about the special adaptations that animals and plants use to move around through simple crafts, observation of specimens and a 'jumping competition' of origami frogs. Let's move it!

    Activities: Seed dispersal, Aquatic plants and animals, Tumblewing, Frog origami

  • Newton's Acrobats

    Physics (Gravity) 

    Learn how to play around with gravity and make it work for you! Let's make little toys and learn what makes them tumble, rock and roll.

    Activities: Rolling bean, Balancing Toy, Pick-up Sticks, Balancing Can

  • LED's Play

    Physics (Electricity; Light) 

    Ever wondered how electricity comes about? How is it possible that with a flick of the switch, the lights come on? Learn more about electricity, circuits and even bring home your very own LED light-up card!

    Activities: Circuit-building, LED light-up card

  • Magnificent World of Magnets

    Physics (Magnetic Properties) 

    In ancient times, magnets were deemed as magic. But thousands of years later, we discovered the magic behind magnetic materials. Learn about the properties of a magnet, explore its uses and make your own magnetic toys!

    Activities: Jumping Toy, Hovering Toy

  • DNA & Family Traits

    Life Sciences (DNA; Heredity) 

    DNA is the recipe of life, let's uncover the secret behind it. See what DNA looks like by extracting it from cells, and get up close and personal with its structure by making your own DNA model! This would be a perfect opportunity for a family to learn the role of DNA in our lives, find out what traits they share and why.

    Activities: DNA Basics, DNA Extraction, Build a Family Tree

    DNA & Family Traits

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