What is family science club?

A club formed by the Science Centre with schools to work with teachers and parent volunteers to co-create family programmes for parent-child bonding. 

What do we hope to achieve?

  • Create opportunities for parents to interact with their kids through interactive science workshops.
  • Promote the importance of quality family bonding time.
  • Making science learning enjoyable and relevant to their everyday lives.
  • Empowering and enriching parent volunteers with new skills in programme development and presentation.

What kinds of events have we done?

Family science workshops covering a wide range of topics such as light, gravity, herbs and spices, magic, bubbles, fermentation, bones and many more!

Family sleepover camps in the Science Centre where families can enjoy stargazing and also the unique experience of sleeping in one of our exhibition halls.

More about our Logo

Our family programmes logo is made up of three sets of leaves, representing the core family composition, designed by our talented in-house artists!

Some of our past events


Saturday Light Fever (First Toa Payoh Primary School) 2018


Science Centre Family Science Club





Stately Matters (CHIJ OLQP) 2018


Science Centre Family Science Programmes

Science Centre Family Programmes

Science Centre Family Programmes


FSC Networking Session 2019

 Science Centre Family Programmes Science Centre Family Programmes



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