Science Centre Singapore, KidsSTOP™ and Omni-Theatre are closed on 1 July and 5 August 2019.

Please note that The Dino Show will be replaced by Science On a Sphere® show on 17 June 2019 (Monday) at 4 pm. The Science On a Sphere® is located at Earth, Our Untamed Planet, Hall B.




The closest you ever come to dinosaurs - Dead or Alive!

Are you ready to realise your childhood dreams of discovering dinosaurs? Travel back millions of years to the Cretaceous period and join palaeontologist Professor V and her assistant Rexon an immersive adventure to uncover the mystery behind the elusive Australian polar dinosaurs.

About DinoQuest

Discover how different fields of science work together in a real-life dinosaur expedition at Science Centre Singapore’s latest exhibition, DinoQuest. Also, find out more about the science of palaeontology and the process of fossilisation.

Curated by world-renowned palaeontologist Emerita Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich, DinoQuest spans across seven thematic zones that promise a multi-sensory experience like no other. An ambitious gamification creation that blends the latest multimedia technology, from holographic mapping to augmented and virtual reality environments, with dramatic fossil displays and ancient backdrops, be transported into a long extinct world.

Embark on the quest to find out if you have what it takes to be a Palaeontologist extraordinaire!

Prof V and Rex

First Timimus Dinosaur Showcase

Featured for the very first time worldwide, DinoQuest will showcase the most updated reconstruction of Timimus, a tyrannosauroid discovered at Dinosaur Cove in 1994 by Emerita Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich and her husband Professor Thomas Rich.  Besides Timimus, find out more about the other discoveries in Dinosaur Cove, which took over 700 personnel and 40 years to uncover its secrets.


Immersive experience powered by the latest multimedia technology

The exhibition consists of seven thematic zones, each brought to life through cutting-edge multimedia technology for an immersive experience. From animatronics to holographs and virtual reality, take a tour into the world of dinosaurs and come face to face with the prehistoric creatives.


Discover and name your very own dinosaur

Always wanted your own dinosaur? Guests will also have a chance to experience the thrill of excavating and discovering fossils or create new dinosaur species by doodling and bringing it to life at the virtual Dinosaur Park.

Peter Trusler

A prehistoric world recreated through art & science

In a bid to capture the visual drama of the prehistoric universe, the world of DinoQuest is brought to life by renowned reconstruction artist Peter Trusler. From real fossils and models to exquisitely drawn illustrations and artwork, take a journey across time and be enthralled by the myriad of colours and forms of the natural history specimens from the time of the great extinction. Uncover fossils and discover the living dinosaur descendants of today.


Check out all the edu-taining programmes fit for you and your family this June school holiday. Pre-registration required for camps.

2D1N TINKER CAMP (Sixth Edition)

14 - 15 June 2019, The Tinkering Studio

Ready. Set. Tinker with your hands this June school holiday. Seats are limited, register now to avoid disappointment!


1 - 30 June 2019, 10am to 5pm

Perfect for 7 years and above

Our favourite Science Explorers, June and Ollie are back! Join them as they delve deeper into the unknown realm of Paleoecology. Tunnel your way through exhibitions to complete the Gallery Hunt, dig up some new facts in The Dino Show, and get messy at our activity booths deep inside DinoQuest. Find out more.


6-7 June & 11-14 June 2019, 10.30am to 12pm & 2.30pm to 4pm

Perfect for 7 years and above

Get to know the passionate fossil hunter Emerita Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich in Science Titans, curator of DinoQuest. Discover all of her amazing fossils through interactive activities. Read more about Science Titans.


24 - 30 June 2019, 10am to 5.30pm

A week-long tinkering festival in conjunction with DinoQuest. For more information about TinkrFest, click here.