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Go on an immersive journey through the stages of butterfly metamorphosis.

Experience the fascinating transformation of a butterfly from an egg to a beautiful winged adult. With only around 1 in 20 eggs making it to adulthood, the butterfly is met with numerous dangers and threats during each stage of its life cycle. 

You will get to gain a deeper insight into how the butterfly behaves, interacts with its surroundings, and survives each stage of its life cycle to reach adulthood.

Take a Guided Tour

Join our free guided tour for this exhibition at 14:30. To join the tour, please assemble after the Butterflies-Up-Close turnstile at 14:25. Admission charges to Butterflies Up-Close apply.


Live Butterfly Enclosure

Step into Singapore’s first and only indoor butterfly enclosure, where humidity and temperature are carefully regulated to ensure that plants and butterflies thrive. Encounter up-close, beautiful butterflies* from Singapore and around the region!

*The number of butterflies and species vary depending on the season.


BUC image

Tilt-tilating Butterfly

Some butterflies express a phenomenon called iridescence. This helps them survive in the wild. See how the butterfly ‘shimmers’ in this Tilt-tilating exhibit as you alter the angle of light shining on it! 


Butterfly Games!

Word Scramble

Unscramble the words in this online game as quickly as you can! 


Learn how to make an origami butterfly from this video or download the instruction sheet.



Post your origami butterfly on Instagram and hashtag us with #ButterfliesUpClose