• STEAM PlayYard
    Look forward to exploring the three spaces - Inner Space, Living Space and Outer Space, through fun activities such as making a jar of heart, building your very own mini town and flying a balloon on the zipline!
  • Toddler Zone

    Explore different seasons, discover more about emotions, and participate in STEAM activities related to outer space and cyber space in our Toddler Zone that has been specially curated for your little ones!

    Sensory Trail with Republic Polytechnic

    Look forward to an exciting sensorial trail for your child in this collaboration with students from Republic Polytechnic

  • Immersive Zone
    Embark and marvel at our first-ever immersive zone that will transport you to a virtual realm of the animal kingdom. Be awed as majestic animals come to life through a state-of-the-art experience that combines cutting-edge holographic technology, dynamic lights, and sound. Learning about animals has never been this extravagant!
  • Sensory Theatre
    Jo, a rookie space cadet, is about to go on his first outer space mission. However, he isn't feeling too confident about it. We will need you to harness your knowledge and skills to help Jo in his first ever mission in space. Will Jo and his friends be able to embark on their mission? Join Jo and his friends on a story of friendship, problem-solving and adventure to find out!
  • Workshops for Parents & Educators - KEEN & Parent's Pod
    Looking for ideas to engage your children and students? Engage in a workshop to make learning fun & engaging for your children and students. Use resources that are easily available and accessible in your homes and schools! Find out more about kinesthetics learning all around you!