• STEAM PlayYard

    Explore the three different spaces— outer, living and inner, with STEMling through fun adventures such as making a 3D-printed STEMling, building a wacky house and creating an emotion squeeze ball.

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    It’s time for an exciting adventure to Outer Space! Make a 3D spacesuit and launch nervous STEMling into space!

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    Help! Poor STEMling doesn’t have a home. Let’s build a Wacky house using recyclable materials!

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    STEMling is having a wacky time with emotions while building its house. Create an emotion squeeze ball to relieve its intense feelings!

  • Toddler Zone

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    Explore different seasons, discover more about emotions, and participate in STEAM activities related to outer space and cyber space in our Toddler Zone that has been specially curated for your little ones!

    Activities available:

    1) Winter and Summer (Living Space):

    Walk through a mini sensorial trail and make your own Suncatcher!

    2) Me & My Feelings (Inner Space):

    Learn to identify and find the three emotional expressions: sad, angry, and happy and match them to the correct emotion bags!

    3) Travelling Through Space! (Outer Space):

    Fly through our solar system obstacle course!

    4) Bring Jo Home! (Cyber Space):

    Help Jo to get home by directing him to the shortest route with the help of a robot. Learn the building blocks of programming by using logic to solve simple problems!


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    Sensory Trail with Republic Polytechnic

    A collaboration between KidsSTOP and Year 2 Diploma in Arts & Theatre Management students from the School of Technology for the Arts, Republic Polytechnic. It seeks to incorporate the Arts into the STEM model of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through the experience of a 'Galaxy Room' that introduces young learners to various aspects of the solar system and planetary orbits in a fun and exploratory way.

  • Immersive Zone

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    Embark and marvel at our first-ever immersive zone that will transport you to a virtual realm of the animal kingdom. Be awed as majestic animals come to life through a state-of-the-art experience that combines cutting-edge holographic technology, dynamic lights, and sound. Learning about animals has never been this extravagant!

  • Sensory Theatre

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    This story revolves around several themes familiar to children - friendship, problem-solving and adventure. Strelka (Dog) and Ham (Chimpanzee) are animal space veterans, having entered orbit before. Jo, a rookie astronaut, is not. To help Jo prepare for her first space mission, Strelka and Ham, along with the children, gather knowledge and perform experiments that lead Jo closer to success. Along the way, they harness their problem-solving skills and learn to work as a team.

    Will Jo with her team of animal space veterans and cadets be able to finish the mission?

    Let's have some space for an adventure and leap into the outer world together, and experience what awaits. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!



    4 - 6 Oct: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 3:30pm

    7 - 9 Oct: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm


    Mars I Do This

  • Workshops for Parents & Educators - KEEN & Parent's Pod

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    Seeing Play With New Eyes

    Conducted by Chapter Zero

    Explore play schemas and mindful communication tools to provide positive behaviors during play. In this hands-on workshop, you will experience loose parts play, and learn how to teach your child valuable life skills through play!

    *This workshop does not include entry to STEAM Festival.

    Sign up for the workshop now!

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