Radiation is everywhere.

We hear a lot about radiation in our mainstream media everyday. But how much do we understand about radiation? In fact, radioactivity is part of our earth. In definition, radiation is energy that travels through space and is in fact omnipresent. Radiation occurs naturally everywhere, one of the most familiar ones being something we cannot live without - sunlight. Beyond ultraviolet radiation from the sun, there are higher-energy forms of radiation that are emitted in low doses from space, air, earth and rocks. Applications of radiation extends beyond the well-known usage in supplying electricity, to a wide array of other uses in our everyday lives such as medicine, food irradiation and even space travel. We should therefore approach radiation with understanding, rather than fear.


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Jointly organised by the National Research Foundation and Science Centre Singapore, the RADTalk series will bring you experts and personalities to demystify this important topic of radiation.

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