What is the competition about?

This competition aims to interest, excite and enable students to understand and experience how engineering plays a part in energy innovation. This is an annual event that provides an opportunity for Innovation for students from Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges, Polytechnics and ITEs to work with professional engineering and business mentors to design or invent a product to demo.

The competition will culminate in a Project Displays, Final Judging and Awards Presentation at the National Engineers Day (NED) in Singapore. The competition will take the format of multiple categories and levels.

Previously known as Energy Innovation Challenge, this is the 5th instalment of the competition sponsored by the National Research Foundation (NRF). It is jointly organised by the Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) and Science Centre Singapore with the support of the Ministry of Education.

The latest updates for the competition, workshops details, photographs and videos of the all the activities can be found at the Facebook page.

  • Who can participate in this competition?

    The competition involves four categories:

    • Secondary Schools
    • Junior Colleges
    • Polytechnics and ITEs 
    • University, Singapore & International

    Teams can be made up of either individuals or a team of up to four students. All team members MUST be from the same school.

    Each school may allow more than one team, up to 10, to participate.

    The competition eligibility requires the student(s) compete in their respective category based on their age and the level/class they are currently attending in the year of the competition.

  • Is prior experience or skills in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) required?

    All students, who may or may not be predisposed to science, math or technology, are welcome to participate in the competition. In fact, the competition aims to inspire, motivate and encourage students to acquire basic technical expertise while challenging the more experienced students. Participants will be given the opportunity and exposure to learn a range of skills, from design and building to finance, marketing, logistics management, arts, in order to research and build their product in this competition. 

  • Why involve a professional engineer? Why can't participants build the product on their own?

    The competition creates powerful mentoring relationships between the students and professional engineers, mechanics or technicians. The pool of mentors includes professional engineers from some of the world’s most respected companies. Students get to work closely with and learn from these “stars” of the engineering world. Such meaningful involvement of adults in students' lives serves to developing young people’s potential.

  • What do I benefit from participating in this competition?

    The journey of building a prototype and going through numerous rounds of revisions with consultation from experts allows participants to gain maturity, build self-confidence and have a greater appreciation of teamwork and professionalism. Students also have fun while building a network of friends and professional mentors who continue to enrich their lives.

    The experience aims to enrich students':

    • understanding about science, math, teamwork and the working world
    • attitudes about teamwork to be significantly more positive after than before participating in the competition season


16 September 2020, 12noon Notification of Shortlisted Teams
November (TBC) Final Judging & Prize Presentation
Ceremony at National Engineers Day (NED)


For further queries, please contact us at upstream@science.edu.sg.

EIC 2020: Winners 


Ranking Team CodeSchoolProject Title
1st Place S-26 River Valley High School GROWnite
2nd Place S-01School of Science and
Investigation on how the amount of ionising
radiation affects the growth rate of Vigna Radiata
3rd Place S-12Orchid Park Secondary
UV Tunnel for Sushi Conveyor Belt
Merit S-11Orchid Park Secondary
Food Irradiating Container
Merit S-10Woodlands Ring Secondary School A Programmable UV LEDs Cultivation System for
the Growing of Irradiated Melanized Edible
Mushrooms as a Potential Source of Vitamin D
Merit S-23Anglo Chinese School
Merit S-27St Margaret’s Secondary
An Improved Insect Sterilisation System
Merit S-04School of Science and
Development of UV Air Steriliser
Merit S-03School of Science and
Technology Singapore
Development of a portable irradiation device for
Merit S-16Jurong Secondary School Using Ionising Radiation to Grow Huckleberries
in Tropical Climates



Ranking Team Code School Project Title
1st Place J-13National Junior College Improving Materials for Packaging Food for
Radiation Processing
2nd Place J-18Victoria Junior College Increasing crop yield by reducing Arsenic
poisoning in crops
3rd Place J-03Anglo Chinese Junior
Merit J-04Anglo Chinese Junior
A Design of a Small Food Irradiation Device Used
in Less Developed Country to Ensure Food
Merit J-05Jurong Pioneer Junior
Merit J-07 Jurong Pioneer Junior College Locusts Sterilization drone
Merit J-09Jurong Pioneer Junior
Irradiation in Germination
Merit J-08Jurong Pioneer Junior



Ranking Team Code School Project Title
1st Place P-04 Temasek Polytechnic Food Rejuvenator
2nd Place I-06ITE College West Improve food security with enhanced food packing methods
3rd Place I-04 ITE College East Photographic Film Ionizing Radiation Indicator
Merit P-02 Singapore Polytechnic Revitalize



Ranking Team Code School Project Title
1st Place U-22National University of
BevSafe: A hand crank-powered portable UV-C
based beverage disinfector
2nd Place U-25Nanyang Technological
3rd Place U-12Chindwin Technological
University Myanmar
Innovative Food Irradiation Chamber
Merit U-24 PSB Academy Unmanned Irradiation Vehicle for Farming
Merit U-19National University of
Low-Cost Food Storage Rack
Merit U-11University Tunku
Abdul Rahman
Irradiation truck
Merit U-07Institut Teknologi
BEAMA: Beam of Accelerated Electrons and UV
Light Sterilizer
Merit U-18National University of
Locust-Nator | Locust control using IR

EIC 2020: Shortlisted Teams

Category 1

Team Code School Name
S-23 Anglo Chinese School Independent
S-07 Beatty Secondary School
S-16 Jurong Secondary School
S-14 Jurong Secondary School
S-13 Jurong Secondary School
S-15 Jurong Secondary School
S-24 Madrasah Al-Arabiah Al-Islamiah
S-11 Orchid Park Secondary School
S-12 Orchid Park Secondary School
S-26 River Valley High School
S-02 School of Science and Technology
S-04 School of Science and Technology
S-01 School of Science and Technology
S-03 School of Science and Technology Singapore
S-27 St Margaret's Secondary School
S-10 Woodlands Ring Secondary School


Category 2

Team Code School Name
J-03 Anglo Chinese Junior College
J-02 Anglo Chinese Junior College
J-04 Anglo Chinese Junior College
J-09 Jurong Pioneer Junior College
J-07 Jurong Pioneer Junior College
J-08 Jurong Pioneer Junior College
J-06 Jurong Pioneer Jurong College
J-05 Jurong Pioneer Junior College
J-11 Nanyang Junior College
J-13 National Junior College
J-14 National Junior College
J-18 Victoria Junior College


Category 3 

Team Code School Name
I-04 ITE College East
I-01 ITE College Central
I-03 ITE College Central
I-06 ITE College West
P-02 Singapore Polytechnic
P-04 Temasek Polytechnic


Category 4

Team Code School Name
U-12 Chindwin Technological University Myanmar
U-05 Institut Teknologi Bandung
U-08 Institut Teknologi Telkom Surabaya
U-07 Institute of Technology Bandung
U-25 Nanyang Technological University
U-22 National University of Singapore
U-16 National University of Singapore
U-19 National University of Singapore
U-18 National University of Singapore
U-23 National University of Singapore
U-24 PSB Academy


Winners of EIC 2019

  • Category 1 (Secondary School) Winners
    Award Team Code School/Institution Project Title
    1st S-08School of Science and TechnologyDevelopment of a Photovoltaic Blue Light Delivery System for the Growth of Corals
    2nd S-11
    Yuvabharathi International SchoolInfrared Assisted Irrigation System
    3rd S-13Dunman High SchoolRobopleco
    MeritS-10Yuvabharathi International SchoolIR Assisted Wearable Guider for the Visually Impaired Person
    Merit J-15National Junior CollegeThe WIFI Boosting Phone Case
    Merit S-02Anglo Chinese School (Independent)433-RC
    Merit S-03St. Margaret's Secondary SchoolOculi Watch
    Merit S-05School of Science and TechnologyMicrowave Oven with Inbuilt Infrared Detection
    Merit S-17
    NPS International SchoolEmploying Plasma Formation due to Microwave Resonance within Aqueous Spheres in Precision Etching Industry
    Merit S-15River Valley High SchoolThermal and Solar Radiation Powered Lamp 
    PopularityS-10Yuvabharathi International SchoolIR Assisted Wearable Guider for the Visually Impaired Person
  • Category 2 (Junior College) Winners
    Award Team Code School/Institution Project Title
    1st J-13
    Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)Tempo: A Biosensor-Integrated Mobile Application for Real-Time Pacing Feedback to Increase Training Efficiency and Reduce Overexertion Casualties
    2nd J-04
    Hwa Chong InstitutionVehicooler
    3rd J-22St. Joseph InstituteCooking in the Sun
    Merit J-06Hwa Chong InstitutionIReye
    Merit J-26NPS International SchoolSolar Paint
    Merit J-23Jurong Pioneer Junior CollegeA Stitch In Time Saves Nine
    Merit J-17National Junior CollegeSun Glare Eliminating Windshield
    Merit J-24Jurong Pioneer Junior CollegeClear
    Merit J-16National Junior College3 in 1 Phone Case
    Merit J-25Jurong Pioneer Junior CollegeDeep Sea Chargers
    PopularityJ-04Hwa Chong InstitutionVehicooler
  • Category 3 (ITE/Polytechnic) Winners
    Award Team Code School/Institution Project Title
    1st I-11
    ITE College WestSelf Build a Radiation Detector
    2nd P-04Singapore PolytechnicNEW-CLEAR and NEW-PLANT
    3rd P-02Temasek PolytechnicSmart Radiation Detection System
    Merit P-01
    Temasek PolytechnicRadiation is Everywhere
    Merit I-09ITE College EastSmart Wear
    Merit I-08ITE College Central, School of EngineeringLow-Cost & Portable Radiation Detector for Education
    Popularity P-01Temasek PolytechnicRadiation is Everywhere
  • Category 4 (Universities) Winners
    Award Team Code School/Institution Project Title
    1st U–09
    National University of SingaporeProject Rad-X
    2nd U-15PSB AcademyUnderground Latent Radiation Autobot (U.L.T.R.A.)
    3rd U-06Nanyang Technological UniversityAutonomous Radiation-Mapping Robot 
    Merit U-05Asia Pacific University of Technology and InnovationLow-Cost and Portable Ionizing Radiation Detector
    Merit U-07Asia Pacific University of Technology and InnovationPortable Background Radiation Detector with GM tube and Arduino Nano
    MeritU-04Asia Pacific University of Technology and InnovationA Low-Cost IOT Based Background Radiation Monitoring System
    Merit U-08Technological Institute of the PhilippinesGeCo: A Compact Pocket Geiger Counter for Mobile Devices
    Merit U-01National University of SingaporeDetecting Radiation with Modified Domestic Items
    Merit U-02Chindwin College, MyanmarDesign of Digital Geiger Müller Counter
    Merit U-13Technological Institute of the PhilippinesProject Raven: Semiconductor Spectral Detector for Ionizing Radiation Agents
    PopularityU-08Technological Institute of the PhilippinesGeCo: A Compact Pocket Geiger Counter for Mobile Devices

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