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Parking Charges


For nearly 35 years, Science Centre Singapore has been offering free parking for our patrons and visitors. However, the Centre will be introducing parking charges from 1 July 2012 in Science Centre, Omni-Theatre and Snow City. The proposed parking charges will take effect on 1 Jan 2016:

Cars Delivery Trucks and Buses Motorcycles
Daily Parking Charges $0.60 per ½ hour  $1.20 per ½ hour $0.78 per entry
Daily grace period* upon passing through parking gantries 10 minutes 30 minutes 10 minutes

*The above grace period is given to vehicles to help facilitate any passenger(s) drop-offs and delivery of goods for your events and activities. Please note that vehicles exceeding this grace period will be charged for parking accordingly.


A Note to All Drivers

The current car parking system only accepts CashCards. We regret to inform that NETS Flash Pay is currently not acceptable by the system. Kindly refer to Option B on the purchase of a CashCard.

A Note to Drivers of Malaysian Vehicles with the new CEPAS Autopass and without a valid CashCard

Drivers of Malaysian vehicles, kindly note that the new CEPAS Autopass is not recognised by Wilson Parking’s car park system installed at Science Centre Singapore.


On entering the car park, there is a signage on the gantry barrier to inform drivers of Malaysian vehicles using the new CEPAS Autopass to either:

  • Purchase an $8 Parking ticket from the Visitor Services Centre (VSC) in Science Centre Singapore (Kindly note that VSC’s opening hours are from 8.30am-6.00pm).
  • Purchase a CashCard (at 7-Eleven or Cheers) (prior to entry into or exit from Science Centre Singapore).

Here’s more information to help you purchase the Parking Ticket from VSC or buy a CashCard from a nearby convenience store.

A) Purchase an $8 Parking ticket from the Visitor Services Centre (VSC) in Science Centre Singapore   
  1. Should you decide to purchase a parking ticket at VSC, you will have to press the intercom button, so that the barrier arm can be raised for entry.
  2. You should take with you a valid CEPAS Autopass Card and present it to VSC for verification and purchase of the $8 parking ticket before VSC closes. Kindly note: The $8 parking ticket is only valid for single use: one time entry and exit only.
  3. You need to scan the parking ticket at the exit gantry (there is no need to insert the ticket).

B) Purchase a CashCard at 7-Eleven or Cheers (prior to entering or leaving Science Centre Singapore) 

CashCards can be purchased at 7-Eleven and Cheers, both 24-hr convenience stores. The following outlets are nearest and within walking distance from Science Centre Singapore.

7-Eleven (two store locations)

  • Blk 130 Jurong East Street 13, #01-223, Singapore 600130 (Tel: 6560-2432).
  • 2 Jurong East Central 1, #04-14 Jcube (Mall), Singapore 609731 (Tel: 6684-5587).


  • Blk 135 Jurong East St 13, #01-337, Singapore 600135 (Tel: 6425-1705).

CashCard Top-up Machine

If you have a valid cash card and only need to top up the value, a CashCard Top-up machine is available at the Wilson Parking Booth (small hut) located next to the car park gantry (the gantry closest to the main entrance of Science Centre Singapore). Alternatively, a CashCard top up can also be made through the POSB ATM located just around the corner of Curiosity Shop in Science Centre Singapore.


We thank you for your understanding in these matters and look forward to seeing you soon.