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Science on the Go

Can't come to the Science Centre?

Then let the Science Centre come to you! Our Outreach Programmes offer convenient, affordable, and unique science learning experiences.


Science Shows at Your School

Extraordinary encounters and distinctive demonstrations are available for students.


Magic Science Show

(Recommended for Primary Level)

Science can be full of mysteries too! Be a wizard yourself and partake in our “Magic Science” show. Waltz through a magical world with loads of magic science tricks that play with color changes, fire and smoke, and seem to defy natural laws of nature. Our chief wizards can even read your mind! So what are you waiting for?

Mixology Show

(Recommended for Secondary Level)

Science is not about memorising elements from the textbooks. It is about having fun while learning the art of mixing. In this show, our educators will show you some chemical reactions from fire to mini explosions!

Each show is performed by two Science Educators. Fire demonstrations are conducted during shows. High ceiling for performance area recommended.

Not available in: May, Oct & Nov.
Not available on: Mondays, weekends and school holidays.

Duration : 30 minutes per show
Comfortable group size: 100-300

Cost **

  Non-Member Member
½ hr session S$660 S$530
Each additional session (within the same day) S$440 S$350

** A 7% GST charge will be levied.

Please complete the Booking Form and fax the completed form back to us at 6561 6361.


Follow-up Enrichment Courses at the Science Centre.

There are many science enrichment courses available at the Science Centre, which would surely suit your students' learning needs. They cover topics from Earth and Space Science, Life Science, Physical Science to Robotics and Animation.

For more information on our enrichment courses, please refer to our Science Enrichment Booklet in our Enrichment Programmes Overview.

Further enquiries about bookings, please contact us at 6425 2525 during office hours from Monday to Friday.


STARLAB - A Portable Planetarium

"Starry Night" Outreach Programme

Using a projector and an inflatable dome, the STARLAB planetarium, simulates the experience of a starry night sky containing thousands of stars. During the programme students will be taken on a tour of the night sky, identifying the key constellations and highlighting some of the ancient stories about how the stars are named. Other concepts such as seasons and the Earth's rotation will be introduced as we explore the changes that occur in the sky at different times of year.

This Starry Night Outreach Programme includes half day or full day rental and delivery of the STARLAB Planetarium together with two instructors.

Each session lasts 45 min (inclusive of entry and exit time).

Prices are as follows:  

Rental Rates (Per Day)*

Half-Day Rental 
(Max. 4 sessions)
Full Day Rental
(Max. 8 sessions with 1 hr lunch break)
S$650.00  S$1,080.00 

*A 7% GST charge will be levied


Minimum Floor Area 7m x 7m
Minimum Ceiling Height 3.5m
Air-conditioning Compulsory
Suitable Venues Gymnasium, assembly hall, auditorium stage, large classroom, function room.
Please note: Outdoor areas such as playgrounds, sheltered basketball courts and balconies are not suitable for the planetarium.

Please complete the Booking Form and fax the completed form back to us at 6561 6361.

For more information on planetarium programmes and additional/optional hands-on activities, contact 

Booking information

For booking of the programmes, please download the Booking Form and fax back the completed form to: 6561 6361.

For further enquiries, please email:

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