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Professional Development Workshop for Teachers at Science Centre Singapore (for Pre-School Teachers)


Early childhood educators play an important role in exposing the students to various topics at a young age and fostering their interest. Want to teach Science in your class but not sure how? Science Centre offers teacher professional development workshops to equip teachers with scientific knowledge and skills to guide students to explore and spark their interest in Science.

These workshops are endorsed by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

*Funding for this course is available under the SkillsConnect System for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs). For non-Singaporeans and PRs, subsidy is available from ECDA.

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Children are natural scientists as they constantly explore the world around them. Using their senses, they discover and develop new ideas about how things work. In this 2-day workshop, learn what you can do in the classroom to facilitate, encourage and guide this exploration. You will also learn the basic approaches of incorporating inquiry into the hands-on activities conducted in the classroom. Come and be amazed!

Learning Objectives:

  • Appreciate the need and importance of encouraging curiosity and nurturing an inquiry mind in young children, so as to understand the world around them.
  • Understand methods of inquiry-based teaching and learning. 
  • Be equipped with the knowledge of scientific concepts, and skills to scaffold its learning through inquiry methodologies.
  • Develop/design developmentally appropriate hands-on, inquiry-based science activities.

Workshop Cost: $240/pax (w/o GST), $256.80 (with GST)*
Workshop Dates:

Class Dates for 2018 Day 1 Day 2 Registration Closing Date
Class 1  12 Apr  26 Apr  28 Mar
Class 2  TBC TBC TBC

Feedback from past participants:

“I totally enjoyed the 2-day workshop! I was very much inspired by you and your team and my interest on Science increased tremendously. The child in me to want to know more seemed to surface again as we walked through the garden and talked about plants and animals.”
Jacqualine (Pre-school teacher who attended the workshop)
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Space, planets, moon and stars - something we see every night yet still a little mysterious to many. Develop your students’ imagination, artistic and creative expression through the teaching of space science. In this 2-day workshop, learn about space science and how you can deliver the science knowledge to students in a fun and interesting way.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and apply creative methods/strategies in introducing space science to children.
  • Develop and facilitate space science-related lessons in the classroom through various activities utilising art and creative expression
  • Understand and utilize various resources to enhance authentic learning of space science for children, e.g. Science Centre's portable planetarium

Workshop Cost: $348/pax (w/o GST), $372.36 (with GST)*
Workshop Dates:

Class Dates for 2018 Day 1 Day 2 Registration Closing Date
Class 1 3 May  18 May  25 Apr
Class 2 TBC  TBC  TBC

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