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Entrance to Waterworks is through Hall A

Typical time required:

15 - 30 minutes


Haze Consideration


In the interest of public health and the current air quality, we will temporarily close the WaterWorks exhibition at the Science Centre whenever the psi levels exceed 100. For more information on the air quality, you can visit the NEA website.

Closures in 2016:

The WaterWorks exhibition is closed for maintenance on the following dates in 2016:
4 Jan; 1 Feb; 7 Mar; 4 Apr; 9 May; 11 Jul; 1 Aug; 4 Oct; 7 Nov.

We regret any disappointment these closures may cause and appreciate your kind understanding in this matter.


Water is a precious resource to all living things. A person can live about a month without food, but only about a week without water. Discover some intriguing facts about water and find out about the importance of water in our lives. Be prepared to get wet as you explore Waterworks and its hands-on exhibits.

The Waterworks Exhibition will be open all throughout the June and December Holidays.


Water Clock Tower

This giant mechanical Water Clock Tower is kitted with an anemometer to measure wind speed, a windsock to indicate wind direction and a rain guage to measure the amount of rainfall. See if you can locate all these weather monitoring devices on this tower.



Water Maze

Make your way through a maze made up of water jets.   Have fun and see if you can avoid getting wet!





Water Saver

Aim and shoot jets of water into different containers to find out how much water you use in carrying out daily activities such as bathing and washing your car.



Giant Dryer

After you've soaked up all the fun at the various Waterworks exhibits, you can dry yourself at this giant alarm clock at the press of a button.




Waterworks was set up with the support of PUB Singapore.


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