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The Mind's Eye



Exhibition Dates:

Open from 14 Jun 2017


Entrance, Science Centre 

Typical time required:

30 min

The Mind’s Eye is a new exhibition on Illusions and Human Perception which includes some of our old time goodie exhibits specially curated to inspire you with a fresh perspective.

Do you always believe in what you see? Think again. Visit The Mind’s Eye for a brand new experience.





Further Reflection 

What appears to be a shapeless mess of sculpture, reveals itself magically to be a recognisable object when reflected off a curved mirror surface. A new take on the classic 2D anamorphic curved mirror illusion.

Magic Shadows

This two seemingly random blocks of LEGO pieces are not as simple as they first appear. Each block can cast not one, not two, but THREE unique shadows depending on which side it is viewed from! What do the shadows remind you of?



Your Move

What do you see at first glance? Look carefully again, do you see anything between the columns.

In this ambiguous illusion, how we interpret the image depends on edge-assignment. If we determine that the edge of a shape belongs to the white area, we see five curvy columns that remind us of chess pieces. If we decide that the edge belongs to the grey area, we see four tall human figures instead.

The Colourless Room

A magic room in which colours magically ‘disappear’! Enter this enclosed room, and suddenly everything is sepia coloured. Where did all the colours go?

Try switching on a torchlight or use your handphone torchlight to pan white light across the room. What happens?



The Unexpected Dinner (Guest)

Crawl in from the back and stick your head out through the hole above.

Through the cleverly placed mirrors that reflect the background, an illusion of empty space is created that hides where the rest of your body should be!  

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