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Kinetic Garden

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Entrance to Science Centre

Typical time required:

30 - 60 minutes

Serving as a frontage to welcome you to the Science Centre experience, the Kinetic Garden is a unique outdoor exhibition which demonstrates certain scientific priciples and phenomena that would be difficult to create in an indoor setting. 

Come and discover the inter-relationships between the different forms of energy and much more through interactive and interesting exhibits like the Magic Swing, a Sundial and a Lithophone.




"Lithos" means stone and "phone" is Greek for sound. So, a lithophone is a musical instrument made of rock or stone.

Come and play a tune on this 'ancient' musical instrument.



Walk Your Weight

Try an innovative way of finding out your own weight: Walk along the plank and try to balance the heavy metal ball with your weight. Once in balance, your position on the plank indicates your weight. The other way round, if you know your weight, you can work out the weight of the metal ball.

The setup here is based on the principle of a lever. When in balance, the weights of two objects on either side of the fulcrum multiplied by their respective distance from the fulcrum are equal.




Magic Swing

The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. However, energy can be transferred, and one form of energy can often be readily transformed into another.

Try the Magic Swing, which doesn't just demonstrate the back-and-forth transformation of potential to kinetic energy, but also lets you observe how energy can be transfered from the swing to a pendulum that is connected to the swing, and back again.


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