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Phobia2: The Science of Fear 

Exhibition Dates:

From 31 Oct 2017



Hall B, Science Centre Singapore


Typical time required:

45 - 60 mins

What is there to fear? Embark on a journey of self-discovery and find out what phobia really is.
Phobia2: The Science of Fear is designed to generate a low level anxiety throughout, this exhibition explores the topic of fear, from its historical and cultural significance, to the psychology and physiology of fear and how it affects our daily lives.

It focuses on capturing the interest and imagination of our guests, with the use of original pop-art design and bespoke concepts. Its approach will delight and impress guests of all ages.

Come on over now and join in this educational and entertaining journey that will not only excite but also inform you. Be prepared for something different!!! And perhaps, better manage your own fears? Be fearless at this exhibition.

Exhibition Highlights

Travelling through Time

You are about to take a journey inside your own mind, a journey of discovery and understanding. Take this elevator lift and time warp back to the dawn of mankind to begin your journey into the science of fear. Are you ready for what you are about to experience?



Buried Alive

Taphophobia is the fear of being buried alive. Before modern medicine, where diagnosis is less accurate, coffins were often fitted with elaborate communication systems that ran between the coffin and a bell above ground so that person can ring for help when he or she awakes from the dead. Come experience for yourself the very real fear of being buried alive!!!

Pirate Dream

Arrrrr me hearties!!! Welcome to your nightmare!! Have you ever wondered why we dream and why sometimes these dreams end up terrifying us? Enter this surreal dreamscape involving pirates to find out more.



The Stage is Yours

Public Speaking is one of the most common fears. Gain confidence in public speaking through gradual exposure by experiencing a simulated situation involving yourself speaking in front of an audience. Difficulty concentrating, dry mouths, trembling hands and reduced field of vision all inclusive!!!. 

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