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Earth: Our Untamed Planet


Hall B

Typical time required:
30-60 minutes

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Earthquake Simulator Temporary Closure


Please note that the Earthquake Simulator exhibit is currently closed for maintenance till further notice. We regret any inconvenience caused and encourage you to enjoy the rest of the exhibits on offer at the Exhibition.



With the recent spate of natural disasters in the news and their significant impact on the activities of Man, there has been growing interest to learn more about such phenomena. How can these forces of nature affect us? What do we know about them? How do we know what we know? And what do we still not know?

Created in partnership with Earth Observatory Singapore (EOS), a Research Centre of Excellence at the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, the Earth Our Untamed Planet exhibition examines these questions and more. Find out directly from scientists and experts, and learn about how earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and climate change etc affect the world - in particular, the region that we live in. 

Exhibition Highlights

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

The exhibition starts with a huge quadrant of the globe that looms high overhead. Enter through a crack in the surface to begin your journey into the depths of the ‘Earth’ to uncover its secrets.

The ground beneath us is not as solid as we think! Did you know that the Earth is made up of different layers, and that some of these layers can move? Admire the movement within the Earth, and gain a better understanding of how the dynamism within the Earth can contribute to the untamed nature of our planet.



Dynamic Atmosphere

Aside from the energy within the Earth, the Sun is the second great engine that powers change. Exhibits here relate to the power of the Sun driving storms and weather phenomena that we see and experience. Be blown away by our wind simulator that lets you experience gale-force winds even right here in Singapore!


The Earth Under Our Feet

Ever wondered how Singapore became an island? Not too long ago (geological time-wise), Singapore was not surrounded by sea, but by land! We could have walked from here to Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Bali and even Borneo without getting our feet wet! Explore this zone to learn more about the formation of our little island, and the geology of the rocks that you live on.

Admire the animated globe that floats in the centre of this zone. Look forward to Science on a Sphere shows to come.




Unlike normal sea waves that are produced by wind blowing over the surface of the sea, tsunamis occur when large masses of water are suddenly displaced (moved). What can trigger this displacement and how can different coastlines influence the impact of these destructive waves? Find out more at our Tsunami Factory.

As they rush in from the sea, Tsunamis also bring with them material from deep seafloors, which leaves very distinct layers in the ground. What stories do these traces of ancient tsunamis tell us? How do we study them and why is it important of learn about them?



Southeast Asia is among the most volcanically active regions on the planet, with hundreds of active volcanoes. So why are there not any volcanoes in Singapore? Visit our mini volcano to find out more. Take a fantasy journey into the depths beneath the volcano to learn what powers this fiery mountain. Watch the volcano erupt, and learn about the various equipments that scientists use to monitor volcanic activity.




In this zone, visitors are introduced to how earthquakes form and how we study them. On-going research on the surrounding geo-hazard prone regions will also feature strongly here, to emphasize the importance of why we need to learn more about these forces.

How do different ground surfaces affect the intensity of shaking during an earthquake? Feel the difference for yourself in our earthquake simulator!


Living with an Untamed Planet

Turn on the TV or flip open the newspapers, and chances are there will be a natural disaster in the news. Is our planet becoming more violent, or are we at fault too? In the last zone, visitors are invited to contemplate whether our actions and decisions are putting ourselves more at risk from the forces of nature. Exhibits here also present technology and knowledge that help to sustain our coexistence with our untamed planet.

We have an exhibit called – Singaporeans at the Frontlines. Through this exhibit, we are hoping to encourage Singporeans to submit their eyewitness accounts of natural disasters.

Click here to view a poster that contains information on how visitors can submit their own stories if they want to see it updated in the exhibition.


Please visit the EOS website to learn more earth sciences phenomena covered in the exhibition.


Science on the SphereTM show

Discover more about our Earth through this explanatory session.

Venue: Science on the Sphere exhibit @ Earth, Our Untamed Planet Exhibition (Hall B)

Time: 3.30pm (Tuesday – Friday; excluding Public Holidays)

Duration: 15 minutes