Always wondered which animals and plants can be found in our parks and gardens? Work out both your mind and body as we hop onto our kayaks and discover the diverse flora and fauna around Jurong Lake Gardens through different lenses - macroscopic and microscopic. We will learn how to spot wildlife using binoculars, as well as make your own paper pocket microscope using the basic mechanics of a compound microscope! Come join us and explore wildlife at a whole new level!

Join us on a wildlife adventure and register here today!


28 May 2022, 9am - 3.30pm (Lunch is provided)

*Registration starts at 8.30am


Passion Wave @ Jurong Lake Gardens


Families (Child between 10 - 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Both parent and child must be registered for this programme.)


  • Kayaking around Jurong Lake Gardens (dependent on weather conditions)
  • View various flora and fauna using binoculars and microscope
  • Make and bring home your own paper pocket microscope

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