Science Centre Singapore and KidsSTOP™ are closed on 17 & 24 Feb 2020.

Omni-Theatre is closed for upgrading works from 17 Feb to 20 Mar 2020.

What ​would you do if ​you ​are ​stranded?

In this workshop, ​learn the ​importance of ​wilderness ​survival ​skills such as ​making ​fire ​and ​obtaining ​drinking ​water ​through ​Science! ​

Are ​you ​ready ​to ​be ​a ​survivor?

Highlights ​of ​event
  • Science of making ​fire (with ​firestarter)
  • Basic ​shelter ​building (material science, structure)
  • ​Learn ​how ​to ​filter ​water (physics, water filtration)  ​ ​

 Note: This ​event ​has ​both ​indoor ​and ​outdoor ​components.


Standard ​​​Rate: ​​​$140 ​​per ​​parent-child ​pair. ​(Additional ​Adult: ​$72 ​Additional ​Child: ​$68)

*Discounted Rates: ​

Singaporeans ​​​and ​​​PRs: ​​​$130 ​per ​parent-child ​pair. ​(Additional ​adult: ​$66, ​Additional ​Child: ​$64)

Science ​​​Centre ​​​Members: $120 ​per ​parent-child ​pair. ​(Additional ​adult: $60, ​Additional ​Child: ​$60)​ ​​ ​

​​*Please ​​​produce ​​​your ​​​valid ​​​identification/membership cards at ​​​the ​​​gate ​​​if ​​​requested.

All ​​​prices ​​​include ​​​full-day ​​​admission ​​​to ​​​the Science ​​​Centre ​​​Singapore. ​​​Spend your day after the workshop and ​​​enjoy ​​​a ​​​series ​​​of ​​​amazing ​​​exhibits ​​​on ​​​Science, ​​​Technology, ​​​Engineering ​​​and ​​​Math! ​​​ ​​ ​​ ​