About International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (also known as the World Drug Day) is annually observed on 26 June to raise awareness and strengthen global efforts to achieve a world free from drug abuse.

Every year on this day, Singapore holds the DrugFreeSG Light-Up. Iconic buildings and structures in Singapore will be illuminated in green or white, the colours of the anti-drug ribbon which symbolises “Health”, “Vitality” and “Strength”, to rally the nation’s support for the drug-free cause.


This year’s DrugFreeSG Light-Up will be held on 26 June (Sunday), from 7.30pm to 12am. Catch Singapore’s skyline light up in green and white and pledge your support for a drug-free Singapore!
In collaboration with Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB), join us virtually as we address the issues of drug abuse with these programmes.


  • Drugs and the Brain

    Perfect for ages 12 and above

    What are the dangers of drugs and how does it affect our brain? Watch this video to learn more about the science behind drugs and drug abuse!

  • How Drugs Affect the Body

    Perfect for ages 10 and above

    The use of drugs can affect different parts of the body in different ways. Find out more in this interactive image.

    This image is best viewed on a desktop.



  • Be Careful, Max! A story about Stranger Danger

    Perfect for ages 7 and above

    Be Careful, Max! is a Big Book for parents and teachers to read out to children during storytelling sessions. The interactive book features animal characters and pop-up elements like interactive flaps. The book seeks to teach children the importance of refusing offers from strangers, while incorporating CNB’s anti-drug ribbon and original character Captain Drug Buster in the artwork.


    Click here to try out the interactive book!


    Be Careful Max Interactive Book

  • Captain Drug Buster & Dr. Wacko: The Origin activity book

    Perfect for ages 5 to 8

    Intl Day against Drug Abuse cdb activitiy book (2)

    Engage your child through light-hearted storytelling and simple activities such as colouring, object matching and word search with the Captain Drug Buster & Dr. Wacko: The Origin activity book.

    You may download the activity book by clicking here.

    Please not that the portion on Dr. Wacko Origin has been deliberately flipped upside down to inject some fun elements for the children. You are encouraged to print the e-book for ease of reading and doing the activities with your child.

  • Captain Drug Buster vs Dr. Wacko: The First Encounter comic book

    Perfect for ages 13 to 16

    Intl Day against Drug Abuse cdb comic book 2

    Captain Drug Buster v.s. Dr. Wacko: The First Encounter is a comic book that educates youths on the harms of drug abuse in an engaging manner.

    You may download the comic book by clicking here.

  • Be Aware. Be Wise. Think Twice.

    Perfect for ages 7 and above

    Are you looking for an educational parent-child activity?

    Check out "Be Aware. Be Wise. Think Twice", a light-hearted 2-minute video on how our young responded spontaneously when they were told the gummies they had might actually be 'cannabis edibles'. The video serves as a cautionary message to parents to stay vigilant against such "edibles", and is an excellent resource to educate our children and teens on the dangers of drugs.

    • Augmented Reality Exhibition & Drug Buster Buddies AR mobile game app

      Perfect for ages 13 to 16

      Augmented Reality (AR) Exhibition

      Intl Day against Drug Abuse AR

      Meet Cara through our AR app and learn more about the harms of drug abuse, as you interact with virtual characters like Aaron, a drug abuser, and his aunt’s experience with drugs.

      Find out more about the misconceptions of drugs with our CNB officer, Luke and their harmful effects.

      Download our Augmented Reality brochure here and experience this unique learning journey!

      Drug Buster Buddies Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile Game App

      This Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game app, Drug Buster Buddies, is now available for download on the App Store and Play Store. Players are to accomplish all 3 missions to join Captain Drug Buster as a Drug Buster Buddy, while learning more about the harmful effects of drugs through a fun gameplay experience.


      Drug Buster Buddies

    • Fold an Anti-Drug Ribbon!

      Perfect for ages 7 and above

      To commemorate International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, check out this video for a quick tutorial on how to fold your own green and white paper ribbon, as your commitment to living a drug-free life.

      Don't worry if you do not have the official printed paper. Simply DIY with craft papers. We look forward to receiving your pledge and support for a DrugFreeSG!

      While folding the ribbon, do take photos and videos, and tag @CNB.DrugFreeSG on Facebook or Instagram with #ItStarsWithUs and #DrugFreeSG. Alternatively, you may also email them to  CNB_Community_Partnership@cnb.gov.sg.

    • A Dose of Your Happy Chemicals

      Perfect for ages 7 and above

      The use of drugs can make a person feel pleasure, but that pleasurable feeling can also be achieved after doing a favourable act. That feeling is caused by the release of chemicals in your brain. Meet four of the many chemicals that make you feel good: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin!

      Learn how the release of each chemical is stimulated and continue to look out for ways to naturally release these happy chemicals.

      Drug Abuse-Happy Chemicals Comic Strip-2020

      Drug Abuse-Happy Chemicals Comic Strip-2020-02