Are you looking for fun and educational Science programmes to bond with your friends or family? We've got it all!

  • Force It (Online programme)

    Are you ready to turn simple materials into toys using forces? Join us for this exciting workshop where we use Science to turn your home into a toy-making factory and learn more about the different forces at play!

  • LED's Play (Onilne programme)

    Ever wondered how electricity comes about? How is it possible that with a flick of the switch, the lights turn on? With all the materials to play with LEDs, learn more about electricity, circuits and even make your very own LED light-up card!

  • Newton's Acrobats (Online programme)

    Interested in playing with gravity and making it work for you? Learn how to make your own toys that harness the pull of gravity to roll, tumble, and fall. Materials are included for you to create your very own toys and learn the science behind it all.

  • Unbe-LEAF-able Plants (Onsite programme)

    Tired of growing plants but unsure how to take care of them? Be-LEAF it or not, you will learn so much about plants and what they need to grow with a few simple activities, including a DIY terrarium kit where you will learn how to make a mini self-sustaining ecosystem!

  • Bobalogy (Onsite programme)

    Are you a bubble tea lover? You're in for a treat! Discover the secrets behind this popular drink and learn how to make your very own pearls. Join us on a 'boba-ful' journey and you will no longer have to wait in line when you are craving for boba!

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