Calling all M18 Agents! A force called the Void has taken over and plunged our world into darkness. You have been activated for a mission. Codename: Operation Nox. Here are the details of your mission.

Exit the light and enter the night for an evening of activities and performances at Science Centre Singapore from 6.30pm to 10.30pm on 2-4 and 9-11 December 2022! For those up to the challenge, immerse yourself in the game world of METANU, where a myriad of game missions awaits you. Traverse the four spaces – Living Space, Outer Space, Cyber Space & Inner Space (LOCI) and take on the Void in an ultimate battle! When you’re ready to recharge your mana, feast on a delicious selection of food, indulge in some unique beer flavours from a local microbrewery, catch some film screenings on the world & live performances by some of our local talents. 

Festival Highlights: 

Game Missions
Put your skills to the test as you make your way through the game world! Take a dive into the deep dark ocean to source for items and protect yourself against unknown substances! Navigate through the maze of the multi-verse and look for bonus items to help you on your journey… Be careful not to let the optical illusions distort your vision! Put your focus to the test and overcome an obstacle in a single move to avoid attracting unwanted attention lurking in the corners. How you fare in these missions is essential in your final showdown!

Blaster Battle
Darkness has controlled the minds of some of our Agents, and we need your help to snap them out of it! Engage in a final showdown with the Void in three different game modes: capture & eradicate the source of darkness, eliminate the evil mastermind who’s controlling our agents, or protect your territory from being invaded by Void-possessed agents!

Treat yourself to the musical talents of Lewloh (@lewloh), Jean Seizure (@jeanseizure), M1LDLIFE (@m1ldl1fe), Jason Yu (@jasonyuuu) and more. Get a sneak peak of The Electrified Show by Kiki Tay and watch the Fire Tornado come to life at night for the first time ever! It’s all chill vibes, so get your groove on.

UNTAME After Dark will be facilitated via SISTIC, with tickets priced at $19.90 (including admission fee).

Please note that activities, performances, and food & beverages are all subject to change.

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We intercepted a coded message which may give you a head start into METANU. Crack the code below & enjoy 10% off your tickets to UNTAME After Dark!

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UNTAME After Dark is part of UNTAME - Science Centre Singapore’s annual immersive, blended festival designed to spotlight the power of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

For enquiries, reach us at UNTAME@science.edu.sg

Science Centre Singapore may take photographs or recordings of any members or guests for any purpose, without prior approval or compensation.


COVID-19 Advisory:
Science Centre Singapore is actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and reserves the right to cancel or make changes to the booking if any developments to the situation deem it necessary. In the event of such changes, the Centre will inform the booking party in advance and a full refund will be given if a cancellation is initiated by the Centre. For more information about the Safety Precautionary Measures, please  click here.