Science Centre Singapore and its group of attractions will remain closed until further notice.

Is it magic or just Science? 

Famed American magician Jason Latimer shows you the secret to "The Impossible" from bending light to shaping water.

An Inspirational Talk by Jason Latimer at the Science Centre Singapore

Jason Latimer will be sharing the inspiration behind his magical journey at a talk happening at the Annexe Hall 1, Science Centre Singapore on 12 Sep at 4PM. Please note that admission fees to the Science Centre apply.

Do catch his live show The "Impossible Science" Show at One-North Festival on 13-14 Sep 2019. For more info, please check out here.


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About Jason Latimer

As a magician, Jason Latimer is the series champion of the BBC One’s​ The Magicians, the recipient of Siegfried & Roy’s Masters of the Impossible Award, and was bestowed with magic’s highest honour, “Grand Prix ‘Best Overall’ World Champion of Magic.”

With his undefeated resume of championship wins, Jason is one of the judges with Penn & Teller on SyFy Channel’s magic competition 'Wizard Wars'.​ In 2018, Jason joins David Copperfield and David Blaine as one of the few recipients of the prestigious and highly coveted Golden Grolla Award from the Masters of Magic.

About "Impossible Science"

As a scientist, Jason is the creator of “Impossible Science” the academic platform uniting magic and science to inspire wonder in education.

Jason is the Curator of Impossible Science of the iconic Fleet Science Center in San Diego, CA​ but his STEM program has expanded to​ science centres​ throughout Southern California.

The Impossible Science labs, festivals, exhibitions, live shows, and digital series with Comic-Con HQ have inspired hundreds of thousands of visitors to embrace their ability to ask a question. Currently, the Fleet Science Center is in construction of a new exhibition wing to permanently offer Impossible Science for the next 10 years. While in Downey, CA, Impossible Science Festival with the Columbia Memorial Space Center has grown to become the official LA Science Festival “City of STEM".

Jason Latimer in the media

Recently, and Latimer launched the Impossible Science Student Challenge, a competition of thousands of participating schools across the US and Canada to find the classroom doing the most to inspire curiosity within Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Today, Jason co-hosts Science Channel’s new series​ SciJinks​ with​ Big Bang Theory’s​ Johnny Galecki and​ Mythbusters: The Search’s​ Tamara Robertson. At Education First’s Global Leadership Summit, in both New York and Berlin, Jason follows previous keynote speakers Al Gore and Dr Jane Goodall with his keynote address on "The Influence of Technology on Society".​

While in Washington DC, at the largest science festival in the country (more than 370,000 attendees) and following year’s speaker Elon Musk, Jason gave the closing keynote of the USA Science and Engineering Festival on Impossible Science and Education Through Curiosity.

Jason Latimer is not only changing education, but he is also on a mission to globally inspire wonder.