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Did you know that science is behind everything we do? From the food we consume to the videos we watch online, find out all about the fascinating theories that lie beneath in this series of mini-workshops conducted by industry professionals.


  • Healthy Swap - The Science Behind Food & Nutrition
    Date:9 Sep 2019

    Session 1: 1PM to 2.30PM

    Session 2: 4PM to 5.30PM


    Food & Nutrition

    - Deconstructed burrito in a jar

    - Breakfast in a jar

    Why is it important that we should learn about the science behind food and nutrition? Do you know that simple food swaps and nutrition can lead to better health outcome?

    These simple food swaps may also help us to reduce our risk of health-related diseases like obesity, hypertension, and how we can better manage it on a daily basis. 

    Explore what are the healthy alternatives and how can we can incorporate in with our daily life. What should you eat, how you can do it and witness the change in you. 

  • Food Waste Management - Converting Waste into Fertilizer
    Date:10 Sep 2019

    Session 1: 1PM to 2.30PM

    Session 2: 4PM to 5.30PM


    Food Waste & Sustainability

    Food Waste Management Workshop aims to cover the topics of general waste and its effects on the environment, before delving into the topic of food waste and how we can combat it.

    Participants will be exposed to the flow of the composter and will get to see how food waste is converted into compost used for planting.
    There will be activities in the programme to enhance the curriculum and allow participants to have hands-on experience in learning about combating food wastage.

    They will also be able to observe the effects of compost on plant growth.

  • The Art and Science of Spirits
    Date:11 Sep 2019

    Session 1: 1PM to 2PM

    Session 2: 4PM to 5PM


    Spirit Distillery Process

    The barrel has provided the brown/gold colour in aged spirits; the longer the liquor aged, the darker it becomes. This happens when water and ethanol that makes up a spirit leach out tannins and other darker-hued elements from the barrel’s staves.

    Ageing doesn’t necessarily improve liquor—it only changes it. A whiskey that’s spent three years in a cask will taste very different from the same distillate that’s had eight years in a barrel. Yet you might prefer the younger to the older—it’s all a matter of taste.

    Enter the journey of the science behind the distilling of spirits and ending it with by appreciating the beauty of the spirits with a session of spirits tasting. Our speaker aim is to educate his audiences about the art and science of spirits.
  • The Science of Video Production
    Date:12 Sep 2019

    Session 1: 1PM to 2PM

    Session 2: 4PM to 5PM


    Video Production, Hands-on Demonstration

    Since 1888, when the first film was made, human has been evolving and perfecting the art of video. As technology advances, video production has been digitalised and produces stunning qualities.

    Video has the visual stimulating effect that naturally draws more attention than regular plain text thus leaving a more impactful image.

    Enhance your skills and knowledge on video production, teach yourself how to make your very own video.

  • Science of Flight
    Date:13 Sep 2019

    Session 1: 1PM to 2.30PM

    Session 2: 4PM to 5.30PM


    Aviation, VR and AR Flight Simulator, Drone Flying and Programming

    “Bringing Aviation to You”

    Take a journey with us through the evolution of Aviation, and the mysterious Science of Flight.

    Utilising cutting edge computer software and combining Virtual Reality with Augmented Reality, JUMP into the cockpit of a modern aircraft to experience first hand the Sensation of Flight, the Challenges that pilots face, and to Cultivate Interest towards flying.

    Anywhere and Everywhere. 


  • Solar Powered Car / Rubber Propeller Car

    Most vehicles are powered by fossil fuels which release large amounts of greenhouse gases, create your own moving car just by using energy from the sun or with simple everyday materials!


    30 minutes (Solar Powered Car)

    20 minutes (Rubber Propeller Car)

  • Mini Wind Turbine

    Did you know wind energy can be used to power many things? Make your own wind turbine.

    Duration30 minutes
  • Kaleidoscope

    How does a kaleidoscope produce beautiful images when we look through the eyepiece?

    Duration30 minutes
  • Experimental Catapult

    Recreate this ancient mechanism and take it up a notch! Launch 5 different items of different weights and find out which flew the furthest!

    Duration20 minutes
  • Kinetic Sand

    Mix it, squish it and flow it however you want!

    Duration20 minutes

Singapore Science Festival 2019 x National Library Board

SSF2019 Satellite Workshops

Join National Library Board's Monsters United at library@Harbourfront and Yishun Public Library! Check out the activities here:

Event Name:Explore Virtual Reality with Camy!

Join Camy from Monster United as he explores the virtual world.  From wizards to wands, the journey will be magical!


Limited slots available and registration is to be done through the National Library Board’s GoLibrary portal.

Date:7 Sep 2019
Time:2.30PM - 3.30PM
Venue:Tinker Truck, library@Harbourfront
Perfect for:Ages 7 to 9 years old


Event Name:3D Doodling with Monsters United

Join our Monsters from Monsters United and watch your doodles come to life with 3D pens. Whether you like treasures or pirates and ships, just grab a pen and doodle away! 


Limited slots available and registration is to be done through the National Library Board’s GoLibrary portal.

Date:10 Sep 2019
Time:3PM - 4PM

Programme Zone, Yishun Public Library

Perfect for:Ages 7 to 9 years old
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