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Tentative: Cyber Crimes, Cyber Risks

 Date and   time Tentative: 7 June 2018 @ 7pm
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 Presenters Mr Brian Fletcher, Director of Government Affairs,   APJ
 Sponsor Symantec Corporation
 Synopsis To be confirmed.

Useful Information

About Science in the Café

Welcome to the Science Centre's series of informal discussions or "sharing sessions". We call it Science in the Café – to be enjoyed in the warmth of a Singapore evening (outdoors), or, on cool sofa comfort in our lounge, or, within our galleries, among our exhibits.

Based on the internationally acclaimed Café Scientifique, our Café is meant to be a place and an environment in which anyone can come to explore ideas of science, technology, engineering and Mathematics (STEM) over a cup of coffee or food. That is, it is a non-conventional, non-technical meeting place. Just like those long discussions over kopi-O in the corner kopitiam – outside of the traditional academic milieu.

Our Café is meant to be a forum for discussing and sharing ideas and issues in STEM. It is not meant to be a specialised, scientific-technical seminar/symposium. It may showcase and discuss the latest discoveries in STEM, or various issues of (contemporary) interest. This is part of the Science Centre’s mission of promoting public engagement in STEM, and in a sense, of making STEM accountable to the people who (will) pay for it in more ways than dollars! It is also the place for anyone to ask those questions they have always wanted to ask. What is Life? Time? Intelligence? Why...?

As it is meant to be informal, there is no "procedure" to be followed, but the chain of events usually starts with a presentation by the invited speaker – usually a scientist or a technologist, writer, artist, etc. This is followed by a short break for all present to refill their glasses and plates and/or continue immediately with those pressing questions. (Please look in the Presenters page for more details.) Where the thread of the discussion leads is opened to all who will direct it: you set the agenda! You can start with "This may be a silly question but ..." Such questions often lead to insights not previously thought of by those listening and even by the one asking! But remember to share with all present. Don't use this as a one-on-one with the presenter – please share!

Points to note

Due to the need to plan the venue and catering (if any):

  • attendance is by invitation only
  • pre-registration is required and is on a first-come, first-served basis
  • please see Your Reservations for more details

The organisers reserve the right:

  • to reject requests for reservations (usually due to overwhelming response)
  • to deny entry to non-pre-registered "walk-ins" (usually due to pre-planned seating and catering constraints)

For more information, feedback, reservations and more, please see the Useful Information section above.