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Science in the Café: Information for Presenters & Sponsors

Thank You!

For considering our Café for your outreach, and for volunteering your time and sharing your expertise and experience. We – the organisers and the attendees – thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn, share and ponder the topic.

The information below outlines the "structure" of a Café. Do keep in mind the informal Café ambience and the general (non-specialist) audience. Have fun sharing and interacting!

Useful Information for Presenters

As Science Centre Singapore is a not-for-profit statutory board and educational institution under the purview of the Singapore Ministry of Education, our Cafés are meant to be Science outreach events. As such, presenting a Café is purely voluntary. The organisers do not usually provide honoraria or reimbursements to presenters, nor can it "endorse" or be perceived to endorse particular organisations, products, services, theses, etc.

Once you have agreed to "host" a Café, the following information is needed to prepare publicity material:

  • Mutually agreed Date (usually on a weeknight) and Time (usually from 7pm to ~8:30pm)
  • Title of your Café
  • 1- or 2-paragraph synopsis - photographs and other graphics may be included
  • 1- or 2-paragraph biography - you may include a photograph of yourself/team
  • Please provide your institution's logo if it is to be included in the publicity material
  • Please provide any weblinks you wish to include (social media links cannot be used)
  • All submissions are to be in editable soft copies only

All the information and material you provide are for immediate use in the publicity of your Café. Occasionally, our write-ups may also be used/mentioned in Science Centre Annual Reports (for example).

Please provide the above information at least 2 weeks before your Café.

Please note that the organisers reserve the right to rewrite/ reorganise/ reformat your submitted information to suit our emailed announcement format. Your photograph(s) and/or other publicity material may need to be re-sized or totally omitted (in order to minimise the memory requirements of our emailed announcement).

The Usual Evening Café Sequence

 DescriptionUsual time / duration 
 Start of cafe~7pm 
 Moderator/Facilitator welcomes all.
Introduces Café rationale and agenda.
Introduces Presenter(s).
 Presentation time20 to 45 minutes
Should end by ~ 8pm 
 Optional "Recess Time"10 to 15 minutes
 Q&A Session20 minutes to end of Café
 End of CaféUsually by 8:30pm
or before 9pm



Standard Equipment @ our Café Venues:

  • Projector and Screen
  • Laptop with MicroSoft PowerPoint (if requested)
  • DVD player
  • Handheld Remote Controller (for slides), if required
  • Laser Pointer
  • Wireless Microphone (handheld/clip-on/head-mounted)

The informal nature of our Café and the brief presentation period will not usually allow for the use of most lecture-style equipment. However, if their use creates the hoped-for ambience and targeted learning objectives, please tell us what you need, in advance. The following and/or other facilities may also be available.

  • Various videoclip player (in laptop) with audio connection
  • Flip chart or small whiteboard (number required)
  • External DVD players
  • Adaptor for non-Intel, non-MicroSoft laptop/notebook
  • 220-to-110-VAC Adaptor-Converter
  • Rostrum (if needed)

Internet Access

Please note that Internet connection is only available through our local wireless@SG. If you do not have an account, we can provide one. However, this service can be rather unstable, sometimes. We strongly advise that you pre-download the videoclips, etc you wish to use - rather than attempt to access the InterNet during your presentation.

Other Information

  • Dress comfortably. No expectation for jacket and/or tie. However, the venue can get a bit chilly, sometimes.
  • Come earlier (say, by 15-30 minutes) to set up, test equipment, and have some food.

Useful Information for Sponsors

Science Centre Singapore gladly welcomes collaborations that increase the learning experience of our visitors.

If you have a distinguished visitor or (staff) specialist who is willing to share his/her expertise, and knowledge and current interests in his/her field of research with our Café attendees, do contact us to discuss possibilities.

Please allow the minimum time gap of at least 2 weeks between confirmation and the Café – for making announcements and arranging logistics, etc.

Synergistic Advantages

  • The Science Centre will use its considerable outreach to its different categories of memberships, the schools and the general public to announce the Café, your speaker, and your organisation's presence and works in Singapore (if requested). The targeted audience (age groups), and therefore the final Café attendance will largely depend on the topic, day and time (of day and/or of year), etc.
  • You may propose the date and time for your Café. However, the availability of venue and resources will usually decide the Café's date (and time).
  • Your organisation may erect banners and other collaterals, give out brochures, etc within/about the allocated Café venue, during the Café. Some restrictions do apply. For example: commercial promotions and/or (sales) transactions are usually not permitted.
  • Your organisation's representative may make a brief presentation to the attendees at the start of the Café, if you wish.
  • Please bear in mind the Science Centre's outlay. The following are usually waived.
    • The costs for the use of available Science Centre facilities. See above Useful Information for Presenters on some of the available facilities.
    • The costs for the arrangement for logistical support.
    • The costs for the logistical/technical manpower support.
  • Your organisation may arrange for F&B with your preferred caterer directly. However, the setup at Science Centre must be in coordination with the designated Science Centre staff. Alternatively, the organisers can arrange the catering for you. Invoicing and payment will be directed to your organisation.
  • Other requirements are negotiable – very much dependent on the availability of various resources and costs.

Sponsorship Outlay

  • Please note that "sponsoring a Café" usually means paying for the F&B.
  • However, providing F&B at any Café is not mandatory. If you wish to provide F&B:
    • The costs of the provision of a light dinner for evening Cafés or tea for daytime Cafés, will depend on the number of (pre-registered) attendees and your specified cost per pax.
    • You may arrange for catering yourselves. Alternatively, the organisers can also do the ordering for you at the cost per pax you specify; billing will be directed to your organisation.
  • If your Café's pre-registration is large, (say >80), the following additions may also be required. (Current applicable charges to be confirmed for the minimum 3-hour time-block.)
    • A security officer during the Café.
    • A janitor.
  • Complimentary admission is usually granted to all pre-registered attendees for sponsored Cafés only.
  • For non-sponsored Cafés, complimentary admission depends on the current complimentary entry criteria. (Please see Admission Charges.)
  • No complimentary parking coupons will be provided to all attendees, including sponsors and presenters.

If you require additional information, or if there are matters needing clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at Science in the Café.