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26th May 2023, 7pm
Stellar Kitchen Bar, Science Centre Singapore
Science Cafe
AI and Art

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. 
From facial recognition to autonomous vehicles to drug discovery, AI helps to solve problems and improves standards of living.

What can AI tell us about how we use language and process knowledge? 
How do machine learning programs differ from how we reason? 
In fact, is the human brain an organic computer?

Join us for a thought-provoking evening over dinner as our speakers present their take on AI and Art.  
How is art generated by AI different? How will AI shape artistic developments? 
Can creativity be artificial? What does it even mean to be human?

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Please note that this event is for ages 18 and above only. Programme is not suitable for children.


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AI Aesthetics of Sculpture and Architecture


Immanuel Koh
Assistant Professor, SUTD


What are some of the spatial and formal aesthetics emerging from today’s AI-generated 3D art, and how do they differ from those found in the history of sculpture and architecture? In this talk, Immanuel Koh will attempt to deconstruct the computational process and product of generative deep neural networks, and discuss them through the lens of his ongoing AI research and design practice.



AI, Art and Controversy


Ernest Wu
Visual artist


In recent years, AI-generated art has gained popularity and generated both excitement and controversy. While some view it as a revolutionary new artistic medium, others argue that it lacks the human touch and is a mere replication of existing styles. This talk explores the current state of AI art, its potential implications for the art world, and the ethical considerations surrounding its creation and reception.



Collaborative Creation: Machine Intelligence in Artistic Expression


Kapilan Naidu
Senior Creative Technologist, Tommy
Adjunct Lecturer, Lasalle College of The Arts
Media Artist & Curator


This presentation will trace the evolution of artificial intelligence and its impact on the field of media art. We will delve into the progress of AI, from early rule-based systems to the current state of deep learning, and how these advancements have revolutionized the way we approach creative expression. Kapi will provide a broad overview of AI and its role in media art, while also exploring the possibilities of a future where creativity is a collaborative process between humans and machines.


26 May 2023 Science Café

AI and Art


Stellar Kitchen Bar, Science Centre Singapore

7pm – 8pm:Buffet Dinner by Stellar Kitchen Bar
8pm – 8:20:AI Aesthetics of Sculpture and Architecture
Immanuel Koh
8:20 – 8:40pm:AI, Art and Controversy
Ernest Wu
8:40 – 9pm:Collaborative Creation: Machine Intelligence in Artistic Expression
Kapilan Naidu
9pm – 9:30pm:Discussion and Q&A