Science Centre Singapore, KidsSTOP™ and Omni-Theatre are closed on 9, 16, 23, 30 Jul 2018.

The Crane exhibit in KidsSTOP™'s Built Environment is under maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Enjoy our display of odd ideas from weird musical instruments to foam that can carry bricks. You may just think up your own quirky invention! 

Have you ever thought “Great idea, I should have thought of that!”  when you see a gadget that would make life that little bit easier? Well now’s your chance to see lots of them. QUIRKY is our new display of anything odd that looks as if it might just come in handy – these fascinating inventions will really make you think. 




This quirky, note-shaped instrument makes the quirkiest of sounds as you squeeze the ball and slide your fingers up and down the stem to change the pitch!


Ca Jόn

Have a rattling good time as you sit on the cajon and slap it silly. Hear how the tone changes as you hit different faces of it. Hitting it at the front produces a snare drum sound as the wires attached to the inside front brush against the wood!